I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – A heavenly Blowjob [ 18]

A heavenly Blowjob [ 18]

"W–What?" Alex blurted out after he found out that Mary was lubberly unzipping and removing his jeans. Even for him, it was too abrupt.

"You're my darling now~" Mary glanced up and uttered with a grin. Alex assumed she was okay with Anna's clinched behavior, but his thoughts came out incorrect, Mary was doubtlessly jealous!

'It looks like Mary knows the best punishment for making her feel jealous!' Liza soothing voice finally rang in Alex ears in a while, making him a little calmer.

"Ah~ it smells soooo good~" Mary pulled out Alex's cock from his boxer with her hand, it was half erected, because of Mary's sudden attack, he was still not aroused.

Alex nodded lightly in approval, he could feel his skills getting activated by Liza, without him interfering.

While grasping on his limp dick with her right hand, she pulled his jeans and underwear down with the other one, making his bottom body well visible to her.

Looking down at a mature woman, who was holding his dick with her tender soft palm, while giggling skanky. Alex couldn't help but get stimulated, causing his limp cock to stand up tall and erected.

"Huh! it is getting big and thick~ Lucky me~" Mary lewdly tittered as Alex's manhood got hard, making her adult hand look more and more smaller.

Staring lovingly at the cock that satisfies her every time, Mary's breath slowly turned groggy and started getting heavy.

The strong smell slowly corrupted her mind. Forming her lips wide open, and spreading them in the shape of an O, then slowly nudged his erected dick inside her mouth.

"Ahgh~" Alex couldn't help but let out a grunt.

He felt his dick insides getting sucked out by her mouth, vacuuming his dick perfectly. Mary's techniques were definitely a professional's.


A long slurping sound echoed in Alex ears, as Mary sucked on his glans, which was soaked in her saliva. She was sucking it as if she was slurping on noodles.

After giving his head a good suck, she started going deeper, slowly wetting her favorite popsicle, and drinking all the pre-cum out of it.

"Ahh~ I love your delicious long thick cock~ Just sucking it makes me so wet! Ah~ Yeah~" Mary breathed heavily, as she took his snake out of her mouth.

She was deliberately collapsing into lust, and slowly losing control over her mind.

After blurting out obscenely, Mary went back to sucking and licking his meat rod, while at the same time jerking it off with her right hand, and massaging his balls with the left hand!

"Aghh! Agh~" Alex grumbled in pleasure, as he glanced up at the ceiling while closing his eyes. Mary was indeed the most woman that satisfied his lust.

'You're getting overwhelmed again!" Liza chuckled.

Again Alex was getting overwhelmed by Mary's heavenly pleasure techniques!

Hearing Liza's sweet voice ringing in his head every time, Alex opened his eyes, glanced down at Mary, and placed his hand on her head.

Noticing his persistent yearning gaze, and feeling so much pleasure from his big hand. Mary glanced up at Alex while blowing him, making the most lewd face Alex had ever seen.

Watching his cock entering and re-entering Mary's pleasurable mouth, ripping her lips and knocking on her throat. Alex collected her medium-length brown hair in his hand. He was about to ravage her mouth, before a sound came from the door…

Ding Dong~

The store bell rang as the door opened, Alex quickly turned around, pulled Mary with him while his manhood still in her mouth.

After a few seconds, two young girls appeared in Alex's sight, carrying some drinks and snacks and walking in his direction, as he was getting a thriving blowjob from Mary.

"Hey, handsome~" One of the two greeted Alex with a a tempting tone.

There were two beautiful girls standing in front of Alex, both of them were beautiful gals, wearing fashionable clothes, yet so revealing apparels.

One was blonde, had a smooth long hair, wearing a small pink skirt, along with a short half open white blouse, her clothes were exposing most of her skin.

As for the one beside her, she was a black short-haired girl, which her hair was tied into a ponytail, wearing a black short jeans coupled with a black fishnet, which perfectly fit with her smooth white legs. As for her upper body, she was wearing a cropped mini top, that exposed her big breasts sloppily.

Both of the girls looked older than Alex, probably in their twenties. However, they looked so beautiful and mature.

"Hello" Alex uttered with a calm voice as he began scanning their items typically.

He was trying his best to hide his groans, and his satisfied face, while Mary skillfully fellated him. The girls couldn't see what was happening under the counter desk, since it was high and had some space under it.

"C'mon, don't be shy" The blonde spoke again with a big smile, while leaning herself forward, showing her big melons, which were about to come out of her short half open blouse, to Alex.

The blonde beauty seduction attempt failed, as Alex was busy scanning their groceries, while getting fellated by his yummy mummy, he didn't pay any attention to her nor to her plump titties.

"How can I help you?" Alex glanced up and smiled faintly, since he was dealing with a customer, he should always smile to them.

"Can you help me with giving me your number?" The blonde again uttered with a grin, as she waved lightly her hand near her clearly visible boobs, trying her best to captivate Alex with her body and looks.

However, without noticing, she was the only who was getting charmed. Both of the girls' faces were slightly blushing, but still they overcome their shyness, but the black-haired girl stayed silent, however, a blush didn't leave her face.

Hearing the girls asking for her man's number, Mary increased her sucking speed, shoving most of his rod inside her mouth, while massaging his balls aggressively with her palm and fingers. She was totally against her man getting taken away from her,

Slurp! Slurp ! Slurp !

Slurping wet noises grew up and began getting lewder and slipperier, but it didn't seem that two gals could hear them, since Liza already took care of everything.

Mary felt so jealous, but now she was letting it out all. She pulled out her tongue out while she sucking Alex, then pulled forward his balls, so her tongue could give them some licks and soaked them as well.

"What's wrong? You don't want to?" The blonde girl smile disappeared, and got replaced with an annoyed, embarrassed expression.

Alex was so handsome and charming, she certainly liked him, but she couldn't stand it after he didn't pay any attention to her.

With no intention to ignore his clients, Alex was just too worried to talk, he was afraid if he parted his lips away, he would let out a groan accidentally.

Getting aggressively sucked down there with Mary's tight mouth, he couldn't help but hide his pleased expression from the two girls.

"I–I'm sorry, I'm not feeling well now, here is the receipt..." Alex uttered with a soft voice, but they clearly heard him.

"Okay, it's fine, I will close my eyes on this one" The blonde said with a faint smile, after all Alex was too attractive to get mad on.

She took the check and pulled out her bank card and handed it to Alex, who checked it on the point of sale machine, then successfully paying for their products.

"What's your name? I'm Linda and this Menina" Linda took the card back from Alex and pointed at her friend.

"A–Alex...Is there anything else I can help you with?" Alex didn't have the time to socialize with some girls as his cock was smoothly getting swallowed back and forth.

Mary increased her sucking speed even more the more Alex talked with those girls. She felt jealous, but the only thing that calmed her down, was being able to suck such a delicious meat rod.

Hurk! Ark! Hark~

Gagging noises started echoing all over his ears, for the first time, Mary trying to take his whole thing in, choking herself with it, but maintaining licking his balls with rosy tongue.

Feeling all the pleasure that was going through his abdomen, Alex closed his eyes to feel it even more, but soon the feeling of ejaculation grew in him.

"What's wrong?!" Linda asked Alex with a frown after he closed his eyes suddenly and opened his mouth slightly.

Even after getting their items, both of the girls didn't leave, as they couldn't take their eyes from Alex's bewitching face yet.

Without replying to them, Alex slid his hand down, and gripped Mary head firmly, then finally began thrusting, and so quickly as he felt cumming!

"Hurk! Ark! Agh~ Huho~" The gagging along with the slurping noises mixed up with Mary's moans, making her mouth make different lewd sounds.

The gals couldn't see what's happening, since the counter desk was covering everything below Alex's stomach, so they couldn't tell that Alex was swiftly thrusting his hips back and forth.

Shortly, the urge to cum was near the corner, Alex firmly held Mary with her hair, hammering her mouth at the same time slapping her face with his nuts for more seconds, then he ejaculated.

"Ahghh~ Ahh~" Alex let out soft groans, as his semen traveled down his MILF beauty throat, then slowly gushed out of her dirty mouth.

"Hey..." Linda confusedly said as she looked at Alex who was letting out sweet soft groans as his whole body trembled.

She frowned and couldn't help but ask him one more question, that surely would make him more aware of his surroundings.

"Are you **ing someone down there or what?"

Chapter end

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