I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Another Hug

Another Hug

The beautiful ocean-like eyes reopened again, as Erin pulled her face back from Alex's, ending the long passionate kiss that last for several minutes.

Alex opened his charming vampire-like eyes as well, and the embarrassed beauty greeted his sight. Her face was blushing so hard, and her eyes were moist, but she kept unbroken eye contact with her lover.

"You're cute" Alex blurted out with a delightful smile. He looked so calm and confident outside, but on the inside it was different.

Hearing Alex's sweet compliment, Erin's face flushed even more. Her face was so cute and lovely without a blush, but with a blush on it, it became even more delicate and adorable.

She wasn't pretty nor popular like Anna and Alice, but her cuteness was on another level, surpassing both of them with her cute and small chubby face.

Receiving Alex's persistent gaze and sweet smile, Erin had to lower her head in embarrassment, while still in his loving embrace. She was having moments she never experienced before; they were truly unimaginably wonderful.

After several minutes, Alex could feel that Erin was totally fine and relaxed now, so he broke the hug and tapped on her shoulder.

"Wanna return to reading?" They didn't finish reading the novel, because of the taken care of disturbance and interruption.

As always, Erin just nodded her head with a flushed face, she was free just like Alex, and didn't mind spending that free time with him.

Alex picked up the thick-sized book and sat on the couch. Erin swiftly went and sat beside him, but unlike before, they were much more intimately and closely to each other than before.

After a couple of minutes. He can sense that no one was around, so he thought of reading the novel more interestingly and more comfortably for both of them.

'What a nice idea!' Liza chortled, as she realized Alex's intention, it was kind of obvious what he was planning for.

"Erin, do you want to sit here?" Alex spoke with an awkward smile, as he pointed his finger at his lap.

Erin was sitting beside him, while trying to follow up and read along with him from her place, it was quite uncomfortable, but she didn't mind it since it was for the precious time with her Master.

As predicted, Erin's face fully flushed again, but without saying anything or nodding, she stood up, then slowly and gently sat on Alex's lap as he proposed.

Her soft plump ass pressed against his crotch, and her thick thighs rested on his thighs, they were undeniably huge, covering Alex's tights totally.

Alex felt so much softness and warmth from Erin's lascivious body, it was indeed the best way to read a novel with a girl. He gently grasped her waist with both hands, then pulled her body even closer to his.

Making her small pink kitty bump against his big brother, causing the shy Erin to redden from ear to ear. However, she didn't resist or oppose, she just sat there with a delightful embarrassed face, as if she was sitting on her throne.

'You doing so gooood" Liza spoke with a playful voice. She was so pleased that Alex was slowly making the first steps without her help.

Pretending nothing was happening, despite their bodies pressing against each other lewdly. Alex opened normally the novel again where they left it, and began reading it while his girl was sitting on his lap boldly in a public space.

Unlike previously, Erin could read the content of the novel clearly and more comfortably than before, sitting on her Master's lap was even better than she thought.




Time passed so quickly. Unconsciously, Alex spent about three hours in the library, and he didn't mind spending even more time, if it wasn't for his phone vibrating suddenly.

With Erin sitting on his lap, Alex squeezed his hand in his pocket and drew out his phone.

A message notification was on the screen, and it was from Anna.

[Hey darling! My lessons are done, should we go meet the store manager?]

Anna didn't forget what Alex told her yesterday over the phone. He found a part-time job in a convenience store for both of them.

Unlike Lily, who was very annoyed by others' intimacy towards Alex, Erin didn't show any serious reactions aside from pouting cutely, while averting her gaze from his phone screen.

Alex felt a little awkward after Erin read Anna's message, which contained the word "Darling" at first, she didn't show any hostility toward Anna, which made Alex relieved.

From how he acted and behaved with her, she could tell that her Master wasn't in any love relationship yet, but still, unpleasantness was all over her face.

Having no options, Alex answered with one hand, since his other hand was occupied by the novel and also blocked by Erin.

[Okay, let's meet in the garden in 15 minutes]

Shortly, Alex replied to Anna quickly, informing her of the place where they would meet, before they would go to Mary's store. It was the same place, where he met her for the first time, so it was a good place to meet up.

It wasn't far from the building where he was, but he chose to take more time, since Erin was dissatisfied with Alex talking with another girl while he was with her.

Putting his phone back in his pocket and placing the novel on the couch, Alex wrapped his arms around Erin, and sucked her toward him, then placed his handsome face on her shoulder.

As a normal reaction, Erin was startled as she felt Alex's arms wrapping around her like an octopus.

However, she was feeling better each minute passed while Alex hugged her from behind; she was slowly forgetting about what just happened. He was warming her body and soul with immense love.

'I thought you only know how to smile' Liza giggled. Alex was doing pretty good dealing with jealous girls.

After a few minutes of lab hugging, Erin slowly stood up and turned around to face her Master.

"S–See you later" A shaky, embarrassed voice came out of her rosy lips. She knew that her Master needed to go soon, and she couldn't bother him with taking care of her anymore.

Alex was still getting used to her sweet, cute voice as she didn't talk often and was usually always mute around him.

As soon as she completed her clumsy sentence, she turned around and began walking hastily towards the exit.

Alex smiled as he stared at Erin's back, which was hurriedly going away from him. He stood up as well, but waited for a few seconds before he exited the library as well.

Knowing where he would meet with his first woman, Anna, he went straight to the college back garden, where they both met for the first time.

Since it rained today, there weren't a lot of people around there, it was regularly crowded, and you could barely find an empty bench.

Looking around while wandering around, Alex finally saw Anna, she was sitting on a wooden bench under a yellow big tree.

Like always, she was wearing black sports leggings with a white tank top, but this time she was wearing a white jacket as well, since it was quite cold outside after rain.

"Hey!" Anna rose up and waved her hand as she saw Alex, informing him of her place as she thought he didn't see her yet.

"Hello" Alex spoke with a smile as he arrived at her. She blushed as she saw Alex's gorgeous smile, but soon it turned into a beautiful smiley face again.

"I miss you, darling~" Anna uttered with a dazzling smile, along with a little flush, as she jumped into Alex's arm.

Anna was way less shy and reclusive than the other girls. She would freely and openly show her love towards Alex even when they were in public.

"I miss you too" Alex also beamed a smile on her. He wasn't used to getting clenched on by girls, not just normal girls, but also beautiful, attractive girls.

There weren't any people around, so they were less worried about showing affection toward each other. It won't be a problem even if there were people around, but Alex was still troubled about his women clashing with each other.

Looking at Anna's flawless pale face, Alex couldn't remove his gaze off her, she was indeed a beautiful and attractive woman. He was super thankful that he have a charming girl like her.

"I also miss you, my second darling!" Anna added with a flushed face and a loving big smile, but confusing Alex by what she incomprehensibly uttered.

However, soon he found out what she was talking about, as she swiftly moved her hand toward his crotch and groped his big cock through his clothes.

She was clenching on his arm with her left hand, while the other hand was groping and caressing his dick courageously. Anna glanced up at Alex with a grin, then uttered with a flushed, yet lustful face.

"Do you miss her?"

Chapter end

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