I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – My Slave [ 18]

My Slave [ 18]


Slurping and gurgling noises echoed under the table, which Alex read his novel above it steadily and carelessly, he was in between the pleasure of reading a good novel and Erin's mouth.

Erin was on her fours, slowly sucking and licking Alex's big cock, she was at unease and awkward, because she wasn't used to taking the lead, since Alex always dominated her. Instead, she loved being played with and ravaged, however she continued sucking his rod obediently.

Her rosy small tongue slid all the way to his nuts, licked them well, then went up again licking all the way to his glans, then giving it a good suck. Erin was doing a great job despite her discomfort.

"Huff~ Hoff~ Ahh~" Regardless of Alex doing nothing, Erin panted heavily while sucking her favorite meat stick. [Manly Scent] wasn't switched on, but Alex's cock produced an obscene scent, which made Erin continue blowing Alex like she was starving for it.

'You are telling me you will let your Erin, who is masochist suck your dick restlessly, while you read your 'interesting' novel?' Liza protested, she demanded more action from Alex side.

Being stuck with the pleasure of reading such a great novel, Alex held the book with his hand and leaned on the couch, then continued reading it like before, but this time his left hand was on Erin's head.

"Hmmmmmmfff!" Erin gasped for air, after Alex tugged her head inward his pelvic area, causing her mouth take his whole cock inside.

With no air coming to her lungs, no matter how she gasped for it, Alex lessened his grip a little, causing Erin to pulled out her face outward.

But that was just a trap! With no mercy for his cute 'slave', Alex jabbed her face inward again before his cock left her mouth, leaving her out of breath.


Alex's hand forcedly brought Erin's face in and out, and she couldn't help, but whimper in every thrust. He was extra harsh with his thrusts. He would let her pull back her face until her mouth reaches his cock's tip, making her gasp, hoping she would finally breathe, but he crushes her hopes and pull her face back in, forcing her chin to kiss his balls.

He was senselessly aggressive, but she totally loved it! That what she was longing for, her Master's love! Alex could hear drops of Erin's juices falling on the floor. Also, he could tell that she orgasmed three times already.

"Ahhhggfff! Hmmmmfff! Fffhhh!" Erin whined as she felt Alex's cock strenuously hitting the back of her throat, while stretching her small mouth to his shape.

After a few minutes, Alex felt a tingling sensation in his balls, and shortly his soaked dick jerked inside Erin's mouth. He didn't want to withhold his ejaculation, since he was desperate to cum since Lily played with him.

Feeling a vigorous twitching in Alex's rod, Erin enhanced her sucking speed and even began sucking his cock all the way down her throat willingly. The reason for this monumental change, was obviously because her master's delicious addictive milk was soon coming out!

The tingling sensation grew, as well as the throbbing. Alex nudged the table away a little, revealing Erin's ruined face fully; her eyes were teary and her saliva was spilling of her mouth like rivers.

Alex was proudly delighted by what he accomplished, but he maintained an expressionless face outside.

Soon, the feeling of cumming was just around the corner, and unlike usual, Alex hastily dragged his brother out of her lusty mouth and swiftly rubbed his soaked cock with his hand, then pointed it at Erin's dirty face.

As soon as Alex pulled out his cock from Erin's mouth, she instinctually closed her blue eyes, opened her mouth widely and drew her tongue out, soon she received what she was yearning for.

A Series of rapid-fire of white thick fluid went out of Alex's glans and settled on Erin's nasty face and tongue, covering and making her already dirty face even dirtier.

"Ahh... Beautiful~" Alex groaned in joy but soon smirked as he stared at Erin's face with an a pleased expression, her face was covered in his white semen.

"Ahh~ Thanks Master~ Hmmm~" Erin swallowed the semen that was on her mouth, and began scooping the remaining addictive fluids on her face with her fingers, then drank it gladly.

"Good girl" Alex patted her purple head with his hand gently like a nobleman, then abruptly switched into his Master mode.

Slap! Slap!

Two slaps landed on Erin's chubby cheeks, making them red as strawberries. As a masochist, she was in love with Alex's slaps.

"Ahhh~ More, Master, More please~ Ahh~" Erin pleaded with a lascivious face, while sniffing her Master's erected cock, and at the same time wiggling her butt under the table like a whore, enjoying her master's love to the maximum

Without finishing his long-awaited novel, Alex placed it on the table, then gave his full attention to his pleading slave, he moved his powerful firm left hand to Erin's neck and wrapped it around it, then applied some force on it, making her chock.


With his right hand, he slapped her red cheeks roughly and nonchalantly, he had a serious dominant expression on his face, that could make any women kneel to him.

"Ahhhh! Ahhh! Hmmfff~" Erin squirted again and her blue eyes sparkled, shortly two rosy small hearts occupied them, signaling to Alex that her lust reached its peak level.

The slutty Erin was forcibly stood up by Alex's hand which was gasping her neck, and soon her tall Master stood up as well, forcing her body shiver in pleasure.

'Makes us Invisible, the party is starting' Alex grinned and ordered Liza, then began removing his clothes.

Seeing her Master undressing, the lust-driven Erin began undressing as well, she was wearing a purple skirt along with a white blouse and white stockings, so she wouldn't have to do a lot of efforts to remove them.

Without averting her gaze from her Master's face, Erin stared at him with a needy expression and beautiful heart-shaped eyes while removing her clothes clumsily.

Soon and with no delay, both of them stood their naked, inside of a library! Having sex in a public place freely and carelessly was totally normal for both of them.

Alex was astonished every time he sees Erin's body, and amused by how attractive her body was. She was quite chubby and short, but not that much, her body was still curvy and her figure was still enchanting as it could ever get.

Her thighs were so thick, He could see her white tight stockings sinking in her fleshing. Not only that, he raised his gaze towards the source of this unlimited fluid that was flowing down her thighs.

A hairless pink flower greeted his glowing red eyes, which was so wet and dripping just from blowing her Master's vigor cock.

"Turn around" Alex snorted at Erin, he learned that talking coldly was also a thing that Erin definitely liked. It was unusual for him to talk with females in a harsh tone, but he quickly got used to it, and now, he was liking it as much as her.

Receiving her Master's orders, Erin turned around and placed her hands on the large wooden table, then drew her belly downward, revealing the curves in her body, along with a pair of perfectly rounded buttocks, and most importantly her pink-colored holes.


Alex raised both of his palms and dropped them both in a high speed on Erin's big butt, causing her to squirt involuntarily from the pain and the pleasure.

"Ahhhh~ Ahhh~ Ahh~" Alex still didn't start and Erin already began whining and moaning loudly, while stretching out her rosy tongue sluttliy. Goosebumps ran through her sensitive body, causing her legs to jolt in joy.

With no desire to hold it anymore, Alex groped her left buttock with his left hand very aggressively, spreading it away from the other one and exposing her pink clit more.

The wet pink hole was well visible and ready to receive his veiny cock, which was pointing at the ceiling, and throbbing lightly from time to time.

"Master~ Fuck me~"

Chapter end

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