I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Jealousy


"Who are you?" Anna asked lily with an unpalatable face and a relentlessly voice.

"Anna..." Lily had a mystified expression. Anna was so famous on the campus, so certainly Lily knew her too, but she was dumbfounded by Anna's unusual intimacy towards Alex.

Lily was so upset and confused, she didn't expect that a pretty girl like Anna was already in contact with the reclusive Alex, but despite that, she soon acquired a tranquil and calm expression.

"My name is Lily" Lily smiled lightly while maintaining her eyes on Anna's eyes unfazed.

Anna's unpleasantness rise more, that wasn't the answer she was waiting to hear from Lily. Even though she didn't know Lily's name until now, it wasn't what she was interested in.

"Okay, Lily, who are you?" Anna asked anew in an annoyed manner, but with a glimpse at Alex, changing the whole context of the question.

Anna questioned the relationship between Alex and Lily jealously, making Lily frown in annoyance and irritation too.

"She is my friend, we were having lunch together" Alex finally spoke, in order to make things less serious and intricate. Both of the ladies developed miffed expressions, and he had to step in.

As soon as Alex completed his sentence, he felt something aggressively prodding and rubbing his privates again, when he glanced down, he saw Lily's bare foot stroking his crotch rougher and nastier than before.

"Yes, we are undoubtedly just friends" Lily smiled at Anna innocently, while her foot was practically rubbing against Alex's erected cock, causing him to get hard to the maximum again.

"But who are you?" Lily asked Anna the same question while peeking at Alex from the corner of her eyes.

Lily's question startled Anna, she wasn't in a relationship with Alex, in fact, her first interaction with him happened just two days ago, also they only had sex once and that's all. That question made her realize she had fallen in love with him so quickly and with no notice.

"I–I am also his friend..." Anna declared with a flushed face. She forgot herself and acted jealous in front of both of them, and Lily's unexpected question made her reconsider her behavior and attitude.

"Hmm, Why were acting like you caught your husband cheating then?" Lily sneered as she snooped at Anna with a fearless expression. She would also take peeks at Alex from time to time to check on him.

He was having a rough time containing himself, Lily was surely holding herself before from uneasiness, but when she got pissed off because of Anna's attitude, Her shame and embarrassment disappeared, and now her foot was so much more energetic.

"Husband!!... I–I don't" Anna peered at Alex with a flushed and stunned face after Lily mentioned the word "Husband" which was definitely a powerful word for a girl in love.

She stared at Alex, but received no response nor help, he himself looked like he was having a hard time. The only thing he cared about at that moment was Lily's foot sole, which was rubbing his cock up and down vigorously.

"ANNA!" A female voice rang in the fast-food restaurant, making the three of them look at its direction. They saw a girl which was among Anna's friends, waving her hand to her, notifying her they already picked up the food and they were ready to go.

"I need to go, see you later Alex" Anna steadied herself and waved her hand to Alex then ran to her friends. She was miraculously rescued from Lily's frenzied questions.

Lily sighed and turned her attention to Alex, she was genuinely terrified and annoyed by Anna's aggressive behavior; she wasn't pretty nor popular as Anna, but she kept her calm and confidently argued back, she learned she can't surrender because of others' superiority.

"How is my revenge? I will make it even more painful" Lily grinned at Alex, she could feel his thick long cock already started trembling in his pants, Even though, she was a virgin, she watched a lot of pornography for a girl in her age and she knew what that throbbing signals for.

Alex was receiving so much pleasure from Lily's wanton foot, to the point of starting to like foot jobs, but suddenly, Lily drew her leg from Alex's crotch, wore her feminine black leathery shoe and stood up, leaving him on the verge.

"Enjoy yourself" Lily smiled devilishly and left Alex's table, leaving Alex in the peak of lust and unfulfilled.

Despite that Alex smirked as he scanned the walking Lily, who could barely walk normally, his smile went even bigger after he saw drops of her juices flowing down her bare thin thighs.

'I like this girl, she's shameless to no extent, but she knows well how to act' Liza expressed with a chuckle.

Indeed, Lily was different from all the girls he met until now, she was shy and cautious, but she could overcome that shyness and do what she desires freely.

Alex nodded, and leaned on the backrest of the couch while taking sips of his coke, he was devastated as he felt his cock strangling in his pants, making it so uncomfortable for him, plus having a supernatural libido made his cock stay hard for a long time after getting turned on.

After a few minutes, the rain stopped, but the sky was still so cloudy, making the day look like night. Alex rose up and got off the store. Since he was free for the rest of the afternoon, he strolled around then went to the campus.

'Where are you going?' Liza as regularly asked curiously whereabouts Alex was going. She lived all her life in hell, and this was her first tour on earth, so she was interested in the sites around.

'Just to the library' Alex answered while striding towards his objective location. The library was the only place he went to in his free time and it was still the same even after getting possessed by a succubus queen!

'BORRRING! Then you should have some fun with your 'slave' Erin!' Liza pointed out, Her suggestions were almost always about lascivious stuff and about sex, which was reasonable since she was a succubus.

To Liza's surprise, Alex nodded his head in agreement, his cock was still hard as a rock and his desires were still unfulfilled. He continued stepping toward the library, soon he arrived there. His cock was still hard as a rock and his desires were still unfulfilled.

Alex opened the two large wooden doors and entered the library, the front welcome desk greeted his sight. Unfortunately, Erin was there, but she was working, but luckily there was another student next to her as an assistant.

"Hey, I want the novel «I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen», where I could find it?" Alex asked the male assistant while glancing at Erin with lusty eyes.

"Okay, Wait" The male assistant used the computer, and soon he wrote the shelve and the place of the book Alex was looking for, then handed him a small piece of paper.

Before Alex would turn around and go to look for his novel, he winked at Erin seducingly, informing her that he needed her.

Alex went and looked up for the book he wanted as he planned at first if Erin wasn't in the library, He was thrilled to read that novel, because it was wonderful and entertaining.

Soon, he found what he was looking for, then went to his usual spot and sat on the couch that rarely people except him sit on it. After that, he did something that was weird and unusual for him. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge hard cock, then went into reading his book.

'Did you become a pervert or what?' Liza chuckled, she was a creature that absolutely liked sexual things but what Alex had done still looked weird to her.

However, a familiar figure came out moving toward Alex, and soon arrived at the table he was placing his fantastic novel on and reading it.

"Master~" Erin rubbed her crotch with her hand, she was also horny and stimulated just like Alex, Despite that the girls he **s don't get Liza's powers, they still receive a huge increase in their libido.

"Suck it" Alex pointed at cock who was peeping out of the wooden table, he didn't look at Erin and just kept reading his book.

Erin obediently went under the table, and she was greeted by Alex's meat rod, which was impatiently waiting for her mouth....

Chapter end

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