I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Failed Revenge

Failed Revenge

Lily's small naked foot started rubbing Alex's bulgy crotch wantonly. Her face was beet red as her cute toes sensuously caressed his private area.

"Aren't you the pervert one ?" Alex smiled softly despite getting stimulated down there. Lily was doing an excellent job with her foot but it wasn't good enough to make him lose control and sink in lust.

Both of them felt awkward at the beginning. They rarely talked or did something jointly in the past, each one minded their own business, but now, unexpectedly they were engaging in improper obscene acts and it appeared totally normal.

"S-Shut up! I–It's my r-revenge, and you're the one who s-started it!" Lily declared in an unsteady voice. Her attitude proved to Alex that it was undeniably her first time doing something audacious like this.

It was Alex's second time doing erotic acts outdoors, but since he had Liza's influence, everything looked normal and okay to do even with people around, that just made the whole thing advance to a new level of excitement.

Lily's lust was building up, and she was nonchalantly losing control of it, but embarrassment didn't leave her face, she never thought she would do such a perverted act one day with a guy she barely know.

Alex was also awed by how Lily abruptly responded, she was usually a shy, playful girl, he recalled her getting embarrassed whenever he looked at her even before Liza possessed him.

"Why are you s-smiling, perv!" Lily blurted embarrassingly as she saw Alex enjoying her indecent touches, it was supposed to be an act of revenge!

She didn't know a succubus queen backed Alex up, and it was absurd for any woman to dominate him no matter how good she was.

Alex's crotch was getting bulgy and big. Lily smirked as she felt his cock getting bigger, which meant he was liking her touches, but soon her smirking face turned into a confused one.

"W–What are you carrying in there!?..." Lily uttered in a low bewildered voice as soon she thoroughly examined Alex's cock with her cute toes, what surprised her was that his brother was huge! More than twice the size of her foot!

"My Weiner" Alex grinned and responded with a soft voice as he glanced at the hotdog that Lily was eating. He was speaking in a low voice so no one except Lily could hear him.

Soon, He quit grinning after his adulthood got unbearably hard; it was choking in his pants and it was the most undesirable feeling for a guy the size of Alex, but Lily's foot and toes somewhat made that unpleasant feeling pleasant.

Lily started breathing heavily as her meager toes delicately clawed his cock glans. Seeing her slowly drowning in arousal, Alex took the chance to take the lead instead of her and wrap up.

He grabbed Lily's small soft foot, staring at her seemingly boneless foot with an inquisitive gaze. With [Touch of Pleasure] turned on, he caressed and pressed it gently with his fingers.

"Ah~" Lily let out a soft whimper mixed with chomping noises, she was still eating in order to make her moans less hearable and people less attentive to them.

Alex didn't really have any peculiar fetiches or that special attraction towards feet, but Lily's feet were pretty and tempting, he added some strength while thinking of ways to get things more enjoyable for both of them.

What was taking place under Alex's table was not conspicuous to others, It was cloudy and rainy outside so there wasn't a lot of light coming from outside, and the lights of the restaurant were just adding more shadows under the tables, so Lily's smooth pale leg wasn't noticeable.

"Ah~ Hmm~ " Lily giggled and shivered out of pleasure, which was worth coming up with the bold idea of 'revenge'.

Feeling all the pleasure coming to her foot and scrambling all over her body magically, Lily couldn't maintain herself and orgasmed. She let go of her hotdog and leaned on the backrest as she felt her hot fluid slowly dripping from her cave.

Alex's cock was stifling in his tight black pants, he couldn't find a place he could ** Lily in, it was raining so heavily outside, and he could sense that the bathroom was already loaded with other people.

'I should rent a place soon' Alex uttered with an unsatisfied face, since he was making money by doing salacious things, he could rent an apartment now or even buy it in the future. He already made $400 since the morning and it was a chunk of money for doing nothing but having sex.

"Why do your hands feel so damn good..." Lily brown lovely eyes shimmered in lust as she felt an extraordinary and unbearable pleasure coming from Alex's hands whenever he touches her.

His skills were growing stronger and more efficiently as Liza returned her original powers, making him a walking pleasure for women.

"Your revenge failed" Alex snickered, Lily already drew her bare leg from his crotch. Alex didn't mind that, he tried to calm himself down, he had already eaten Alice earlier, and it was pretty satisfying. Also, he knew he couldn't make things serious yet, since he didn't have any suitable places to eat the virgin Lily.

Yes, she was a virgin, Alex could tell she was a virgin, with Liza's valuable skills, he could get more information about his target's sexual life.

"I will make sure to avenge you..." Lily murmured while panting heavily and pulled herself forward, then began eating her hotdog again while establishing her gaze on the table, she was still feeling so ashamed and embarrassed, but the pleasure she felt was worth doing those kinds of flagrant things.

"Do you want a drink? I can bring it to you" Alex asked the embarrassed Lily, since he was the one who started the whole thing, because he couldn't control his dick, it was his job to make things less awkward between them.

He didn't enslave nor activated his zone on her yet, so she was still on her mind, and didn't have any strong lusty emotions that could blind her eyes for the sake of pleasure and for his sake.

"Thanks, I'm fine" Lily glanced up at Alex and answered more calmly than before, her face blush was also diminishing away gradually.

Alex completed eating his burger and went to his drink, he opened the coke can, and started drinking it. Lily was about to finish her food too.

With time going quickly, Alex looked through the restaurant to if there were any people he knew inside. The door opening rang in Alex's sharp ears, causing him to look in its direction. Soon, five young girls entered inside, Alex recognized only two of them, they were Anna and Alice.

Somehow feeling someone piercing gaze on her, Anna looked in Alex's direction and made eye contact with him. As soon she recognized Alex, her face bloomed into a smile, Alice also saw Alex but averted her gaze in embarrassment, unlike Anna.

Anna chatted with her four friends for a few seconds, then she excitingly came flying towards Alex, but her excitement died out after seeing a girl already sitting with him.

"Who are you?..." Anna asked Lily with a dissatisfied expression on her face like a woman who caught her husband cheating...

Chapter end

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