I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – The Best Revenge [ 18]

The Best Revenge [ 18]

"The w-wind b-blew it up!" Lily hastily fixed her skirt and covered her butt with her hand while looking at Alex with a reddened face.

Lily was Erin's only friend, also they were the same age. But in comparison between their bodies, Lily was thinner and smaller than Erin, and her body was less developed than hers. Lily's breasts were almost flat, and her butt was smaller compared to other girls of her age.

"It looks so delicious" Alex picked his face up after looking admiringly at her peachy ass. His eyes were glowing with lust. Lily's ass wasn't big compared to Alice, Anna, or Erin, but the shape! It was out of the ordinary and perfectly rounded. Alex felt he was looking at the most fascinating peach he has ever seen.

"I mean the food" Alex smiled and pointed at the new burger announcement, which was plastered over the wall. He didn't expect to daze while looking at Lily's captivating petite rounded ass, and blurted out something vulgar like that.

Lily's face reddened even more after understanding what he truly meant, it was so embarrassing for her but also exciting...

Upon seductively commenting on her luscious butt, Alex could sense Lily getting inflamed without even turning on his zone. But he couldn't judge her, because he was also turned on.

'Hehe! I guess you still have a room for a second lunch today' Liza snickered as she felt Alex's arousal getting higher.

After having a brief, embarrassing conversation, Lily turned around to wait in line typically and with nothing out of ordinary. No one except Alex knew what was going on, after obtaining more of his succubus's powers. He could feel that Lily was getting hornier and her miserable white panties getting wet.

Even without activating his zone, Alex's charm was more than enough to arouse any woman on the planet, but he still needed it, since his charm still cannot make women completely sink in their lust.

Feeling both of them getting horny, Alex couldn't help but do some action. Both of them were at the end of the line and almost near the door. Alex checked around him and he confirmed no one can see what he was planning to do.

After experiencing the true pleasure of doing it outdoors, Alex gradually moved his hand and unabashedly groped Lily's petite peach. Soon his fingers got slumped in her soft buttocks,

"Hmm!" Lily moaned in a soft voice as she felt Alex's big hand aggressively and firmly seizing her butt.

It surprised Alex that Lily didn't complain or resist his lusty touches; he didn't activate any of his skills on her, but she stood still and let him do what he wish.

"Hmm~ Stop it~" Lily leaned behind on Alex's chest and murmured lewdly, she was eagerly telling Alex to stop, but at the same time bending her butt in his direction. She was trying her best to hold her moans, since they were inside a crowded fast-food restaurant. Even though the glorious pleasure was rushing in her body and mind, she was still trying to think straight.

Even after hearing Lily say stop, Alex didn't stop but went even further. His hand slid below Lily's white panties and went down to her wet little sister.

"Ahh~ stop it already~" Lily moaned softly as she felt Alex's big middle finger rubbing her clit. She received loads of pleasure through her body, Alex didn't activate his skill [Touch of Pleasure] but his techniques were improving rapidly.

Lily's legs began quivering as she enclosed her mouth by her palm, trying her best not to moan while Alex's fingers were invading her private region.

"Ahh~ Dummy~ We are going to get caught" Even though Lily was immersed in the pleasure, she was still looking around restlessly, too afraid of someone seeing Alex fingering her wet pussy.

The line was shrinking promptly, so Alex realized he couldn't keep it for a long time. He activated his skill [Touch of Pleasure] making his middle finger discharge an extraordinary amount of pleasure on Lily's pink flower.

"Hmmmmmmmmh!" Lily placed both of her hands on her mouth to withhold her primal moan as she orgasmed by Alex's glorious fingers.

Alex took out his hands from Lily's panties. Lily was right, after a few seconds a couple got up from their table and went out. If he stayed longer, they could have caught him.

After pulling his hand from Lily's sensitive area, Alex peered at his wet fingers, transparent sticky fluid flooded them.

'Give it a taste!' Liza suggested playfully.

'Should I?...' Alex stared at his fingers which were completely wet by Lily's fluid. He gave his fingers a sniff then shoved two of his fingers in his mouth. It wasn't his first time tasting women's juices.

"Sweet" Alex uttered as he licked his fingers with his tongue, taking all the juices out of them.

"..." Lily heard what Alex said and turned around to see what he was doing. Her legs stopped shaking after she orgasmed, but soon they began rattling again. To her surprise and embarrassment, Alex was licking and sucking her love juices out of his fingers shamelessly.

"Pervert..." Lily's face flushed red and turned around back to hide it. They were already at the beginning of the line.

Lily ordered her food, but she didn't take it as she went to the bathroom first, Alex smiled at her and ordered his food. The new cheeseburger with fries along with a coke.

After tasting the new burger with Alice the other day, Alex was thrilled to taste it again. He took his order, and he was about to leave, but he scanned the restaurant one last time and finally found an empty sofa table in the corner!

Alex swiftly went there and took up the place, it was raining heavily outside, so it there wasn't the option of eating outside on the campus like the other day, so he took the exceptional opportunity and occupied the place for himself.

After unboxing and unwrapping the burger, Alex held it in his hand and quickly shoved it into his face, and took a bite.

'Delicious!' Alex yelled in his thoughts after he took his first bite. It was absolutely satisfying.

'Woah! I WANNA TRY IT!' Liza yelled in envy! There was a lot of delicious food back in her home, but there wasn't this kind of mouthwatering burger!

'You can't? Just take over my tongue. You should be able to taste it' Alex suggested, he was going to lose the taste of his second bite, but hearing Liza's envious comment, Alex couldn't help but let her have it.

'Oh Yes!' Liza agreed immediately, and shortly after, Alex lost sense in his tongue and mouth, he couldn't move them at all, anyone would freak out if that happened to them, but Alex knew it was Liza's possession.

Liza opened his mouth widely while waiting to take a huge bite. He didn't have a choice, but to shove his face with his precious burger that was going to be devoured by Liza. It would still go to his stomach, but he couldn't have its taste.

'Hmmm Yummy!' Liza joyfully announced, as she chewed the food in Alex's mouth. It was her first time tasting a burger, and she totally loved it to the point of devouring half of his burger, before he regained control of his tongue.

"You eat like a beast..." Lily unexpectedly sat at Alex's table. She spoke with a flushed face, while sitting in the other direction and facing him.

Lily went to the restroom to clean all the juices that came out of her body, because of Alex, and after she came back, she saw him sitting and eating alone and joined him.

"I'm just hungry" Alex smiled at the blushing Lily, making her blush even more. He couldn't tell her that Liza possessed his body, and she was the one who eats like a 'beast'.

Alex returned to eating his burger as well Lily started eating too. She ordered a salad along with a hotdog and casually began eating them while looking at Alex with a smirking red face.

Lily's expression puzzled Alex, her face was red from ear to ear but it had a devilish grin. But soon, he felt something rubbing against his crotch area.

"It is time for my revenge" Lily grinned at Alex while her bare leg was seductively rubbing against his dragon's cavern...

Chapter end

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