I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – A Brief Conversation

A Brief Conversation

[Warning: Suicide Mentioning]

Alex swiftly ran upstairs, the more he climbs, the more he gets anxious, he could sense that someone was standing on the parapet wall of the building roof. Alex went on the roof before, and the protective walls were tall, and you can't just climb it without doing some effort and for no reason.

'I don't know how humans think, but I believe you shouldn't just bust in suddenly' Liza reminded Alex and stopped his hand which was just a few inches from the roof door handle.

'What should I do then!' Alex was nervous to the point of freaking out! He promised Mary that he would look over her daughter, but now she was attempting suicide again. If he didn't stop her, Mary would go crazy.

'First, regain your composure, we are not sure whether it's her or someone else. Even if it's her, you attempted suicide before, so you know how things work' Liza coolly uttered. She was a succubus, and a hell creature, but she knew that suicide is a sensitive matter for humans, and it needs careful action.

Despite his built-in radar was getting super powerful as Liza regained her powers, but it wasn't able to identify the identity of each person he detects yet.

'Thanks…' Alex calmed down and began thinking straight again. He knows that losing composure with a suicidal person means, it will not end well for both of them.

Also, he wasn't a policeman or someone who has authority, so he couldn't use force, he needed to solve everything by just talking, which required a lot of calm and soothing.

Alex sighed and opened the door slowly and quietly. A grey, cloudy sky welcomed him. It was a very depressing sky; indeed, the best day to suicide in… Ignoring the gloomy sky, he fixed his gaze on the back of the figure who was standing on the wall desperately.

It was similar to the figure of the silhouette he saw yesterday, and also similar to Ashley's figure…

Looking at her black baggy hoodie along with blue jeans, it was also the same outfit she was wearing yesterday when he met her at her mother's store. It convinced Alex that it was Ashley.

Suddenly, Her body flew forward, startling Alex so severely, but before he could do anything, Ashley normally sat down on the wall, making him a little relieved.

'Damn, my heart almost stopped' Alex blurted out.

'You do really care about her a lot' Liza giggled, she didn't show any care towards Ashley, but still supported Alex to save her.

'Of course, she is my woman's daughter' Alex calmed himself down and uttered. Since the bond between him and Mary was formed, he grew a lot of care for her and including her daughter, who was a precious person in her life.

Alex sighed and walked toward Ashley. He made sure to make his footsteps audible to her, so she doesn't get startled when she sees him.

"How are you doing?" Alex hopped into the wall and sat beside Ashley.

She didn't look at him or said anything, but dangerously pushed her body forward while remaining sitting. Her butt was sitting on the edge of the wall.

Alex excepted that reaction from her, since she was attempting suicide, it is normal to think that he was trying to stop her.

Seeing her do the unwanted reaction, Alex unexpectedly advanced his body forward too and sat even more dangerously on the edge than her. He couldn't see her face since she had the hood, but he could tell that he made her frown in surprise.

"What do you want?" Ashley finally spoke, but with a shallow voice. Seeing him sit on the wall, more recklessly and carelessly than her, made her finally talk.

"I want to suicide too, but I want to have a chat with you before that" Alex said with a serious expression and tone. He lied to make her talk with him and more interested, since she would likely want to talk with a person who is having the same ideas as her.

"Why do you want to suicide?…" Ashley began getting open and asked Alex curiously, she was still trying her best to hide her face while having a chat with Alex as he wished.

"Mostly because of bullying, I was bullied since kindergarten and even here in college...all my days were hell, I suffered to the point of rejecting to go outside anymore, I just wanted to hide from everyone" Alex answered calmly, he wasn't lying this time. By narrating his pitiful life story to Ashley, he wanted to show her that she wasn't the only one who goes through hardships.

"I have gotten beaten up numerous times, and people always cast me away" Alex added with a sad tone, he was trying to make Ashley speak out about her problems too, but recalling his painful past made him get dark.

Also, he thought that listening to his empathic speech might cause her to feel a lot better or even change her mind completely.

"What was the reason you got bullied?" Ashley asked again, she got more attentive as Alex talked more. Talking with someone who had the same issues was a lot better, than talking with someone who would just keep saying nonsense.

"As you can see, I have a very unusual eyes color, I was born with a very rare condition that made my eye iris red, I was called a freak because of that… You may say that I could have worn eye contact, and everything would be fine. Unfortunately, it wasn't something that easy, I mean at the beginning who would want to wear eye contacts every day for hours since kindergarten" Alex pointed as his eyes with his fingers, making Ashley slightly look at his face.

"I almost went blind when I was a kid because I accidentally slept with eye contact" Alex chuckled as he recalled his bitter memories.

"They don't look bad on you..." Ashley murmured under her breath, she could tell Alex was being honest, his voice would shake from time to time because of his lips trembling as he narrated.

Alex turned the whole situation from talking with a suicidal person and trying to convince them to change their mind typically to talking about his pitiful past. He could tell that Ashley was also getting bullied, so the best way to show her that she was not alone was just by talking with another bullied person.

"How about you?" Alex finally shifted the lights on Ashley and asked her after making her feel more comfortable with him.

"I was also bullied for different reasons, but mostly because of my mother…"

Chapter end

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