I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Isabella's Story

Isabella's Story

Alex was still puzzled, a succubus was possessing his body, and she needed to recover her body. There, she needed his help, despite having a slight understanding of what was taking place, Alex still had a lot of questions.

'Are you going to help me? I will also help you' Isabella added in the hope Alex would agree to help her.

Alex knew that Isabella was in a tight spot and truly needed his help, but he still required to know more information about Isabella before agreeing to help her, he had a lot of questions; where did she come from? What happened to her? How did she lose her body? But the most important question is, why did she choose him to help her?

Alex's mind was buzzing with questions.

"First, I need to ask you some questions" Alex collated his thoughts and spoke with a serious expression.

'Okay, I will try to answer your questions as much as I can. Since our souls are united, and we share the same body now, you could tell whether I'm lying or saying the truth, and vice versa' Isabella agreed and explained to her new 'Bodymate'

Indeed, she said the truth, Alex somehow felt her inside of his body, also he can feel her feelings and emotions, which makes him know her intentions.

"Foremost, Who are you? I know your name, but what's a succubus doing in the humans' world?" Alex asked his first question in a stable mental condition.

Alex knew well what is a succubus, he read a lot of fantasy novels and books; a succubus was a mythical creature that seduces men, usually through sexual activities, but he didn't genuinely believe in those mythical creatures, however now he started changing his mind.

'Well, I was a succubus queen in hell ruling the succubus kingdom, but I got kicked out, and I lost my body because of the **ing demons! those nasty demons with their ugly ass leader Lucifer!' Isabella responded in a furious and annoyed tone.

Alex's imagination began expanding, one of his questions was dealt with, but more questions rose up.

"The devil? Lucifer?... but why did he kick you out?" Alex asked with a puzzled expression.

'Yes, Lucifer, the devil you know and everyone else knows, he kicked me out because he knows I was a threat to him! He was afraid he will lose his throne to me, as you may know, Lucifer rules hell along with his race' Isabella answered his question, she knew it might sound hard to believe to a human but she continued.

'There are many races in hell; demons, succubus, ghouls, vampires, and more, and each race have a leader, but Lucifer was the ruler of demons and basically everything in hell' She added, but paused after, in order to let Alex process all those fictitious information.

Alex went and sat on his bed silently making no noises, he was totally drowned in Isabella's story.

'I was getting more powerful, as a succubus, my charm grew dominant, so Lucifer was suspicious, I will charm him and make him my puppy, so he made an alliance with the other leaders and attacked me. I ended up losing my body along with a lot of my life force... I knew I would get enslaved if I stayed there, so I used my remaining power, and I left my body and escaped from hell and I came here to the human world' Isabella went on with her story in a shaky voice filled with hatred and anger.

Alex felt a lot of unpleasant emotions from Isabella, she was angry and sad when everyone turned against her.

"I understand what happened now, but did you have any grudge against Lucifer? Were you going to charm him and take control of his mind? " Alex asked, he didn't know exactly what happened, but he believed Isabella.

'No, I never aimed to take over hell or take control of Lucifer. I was just living peacefully with my own people, but he thought I was scheming behind his back. However, now I will make sure to pay him back in the future! But first I need to recover my body and my power, I lost almost all my power' Isabella declared with boldness.

After Isabella told Alex her story, Alex understood her situation, a succubus queen that lost her crown, body, and powers needed his help, that makes sense. But he was still interested in something, what was his role in all of this?

"I'm sorry that happened to you, but how can I help you? I'm just a human, I can't fight demons for you" Alex sighed, he was just a powerless ordinary human, so obviously he can't against hell creatures.

Alex was still trying to comprehend what this sound in his mind was saying, he still had the thought that this was just a dream, and he was sleeping. After all, he was a human, and talking about mythical creatures and things like, hell, Lucifer, and succubus were still out of ordinary, but he chose to believe that what was happening was real, and decided to continue talking with this feminine voice.

'No, you're not going to fight demons for me or something like that, I just need your help, so I can restore my powers' Isabella hurriedly explained.

"Okay, that's relieving, what about your body? Did you leave it in hell? How are you going to restore it?" Alex asked a relevant question.

'I can bring back my body after I restore my powers. Creatures of hell have the ability to recreate their physical bodies, and I'm a succubus queen, so I'm pretty powerful, I can create a spare body with my powers!' Isabella said with a happy tone, that was the only positive thing in her situation.

"I understand now. By the way, I'm pretty curious, how do succubus look, how does your body look like?" Alex nodded his head and asked curiously, as a normal human he was interested in how mythical creature truly looked like.

Alex was wondering how a succubus looks like, he always imagined them as pretty creatures, they're mostly females, and their job wants to seduce males, so they were pretty racy and sexy.

'I can show you how I look, if we connected our minds for a few seconds, but don't get aroused' Isabella chuckled. Their soul were connected, but their minds were separated.

"Okay, but how are we going to connect our minds? You will not take control over my mind? Right?" Alex said hesitantly, he was caution with the succubus Isabella.

Indeed, Alex was still worried and panicky. Even though, he could feel her feelings and emotions, but he couldn't read her mind, so he was extra wary about this.

'No, I promise, I won't take control over your mind, even if I want to do it, I'm not powerful and capable to do that, so don't worry' Isabella stated, trying to make Alex less worried about her inexistent ill intentions.

Alex felt she said the truth, but he still didn't know how to connect their minds.

"Okay, I believe you now, but what should I do to make my mind connected with yours?" Alex frowned as he sat on his dark blue sheeted bed.

'Close your eyes, and focus with me. Clear your mind from other things' Isabella pointed out to Alex a way to connect with her mind.

Alex did as Isabella said, he emptied his mind from everything except this sweet voice that rings every time in his mind, and somehow began concentrating on connecting himself with the other soul in his body.

Surprisingly It worked! Alex started looking at a lot of pictures in his mind, it was like memories; He saw hell, how the good-looking Lucifer attacked Isabella, and how much she suffered while battling with other leaders.

In the last picture, he saw a beautiful-looking girl, with pale flawless skin, beautiful and smooth silver hair, with a pair of pearls like pink eyes, coupled with rosy luscious lips along with small black horns and a tail with heart-shaped end.

That wasn't what made Alex drool, she was wearing a black silky lingerie that was revealing most of her thick curvy body; it was beyond imagination, her body was bewitching and sexy, it could make any human pay millions of dollars just to look at it for a few seconds. Her plump and bouncy breasts looked so soft to even though without touching them. Not only that, her fat rounded juicy ass and thick delicate thighs were mouthwatering, making Alex daze for a couple minutes.

Alex's little brother was already erected, it was just a few minutes, but he was feeling so aroused like never before, After Isabella felt that Alex was getting super horny, she stopped projecting her image in his mind; she didn't want a mortal like him to lose control over his little brother, since she still had to talk with him and ask for his help.

"Woah...You're so beautiful, I never seen a sexy woman like you" Alex blurted out with admiration, after he cooled himself down.

'Thanks, that's cute, I will exclusively let you play with my body, if you agreed to help me' Isabella giggled, hoping to make Alex charmed with her astonishing body...

Chapter end

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