I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – My Puppy [ 18]

My Puppy [ 18]

Alex was so stunned after Alice suddenly called him "Master", it wasn't like he disliked it, but it was so unusual. None of the girls he **ed ever called him "Master" by their will. He forced Erin somehow to call him that, but for Alice, she did it by her will.

'WOO! Even Liza was also surprised by Alice's character development. She was planning on suggesting forcing her to call him master but to her surprise, Alice did it by herself, making both of them shocked!

Staring at Alice, who was smiling suggestively at him. Never, in his life, had he thought that the elegant and innocent Alice would act such lewdly. She was the role model for every student on the campus. A sweet, nice girl that everyone likes. If anyone saw how slutty she acts with Alex right now, they would probably faint due to shock!

'You should pay attention to your new puppy' Liza woke up Alex from his stupor. He looked at Alice, who was on her four and staring at his handsome face earnestly while wiggling her butt around.

"Clean it" Alex sat on the toilet seat and pointed at his hard cock, which was flooded by her juices and his cum. Since he conquered and corrupted Alice completely, he didn't feel bad ordering her around since she was his.

Alice joyfully came rushing completely naked on her fours like a puppy going to his owner. She stopped just right before Alex's veiny stick, without using her hands, she began sucking his cock earnestly and licking his balls from below.

'Damn…she is so slutty' Alex commented as he looked at Alice who happily sucking on his glans, swallowing every drop of his thick milk along with her sticky juices.

'Yes! By the way, I think you should go out soon, it's been over 30 minutes already, and I can't keep you both invisible for a long time' Liza uttered apologetically.

'How much time you can still keep it on?' Alex asked.

'I can still hold it for about 10 minutes, hurry up' Liza responded, she could sense that Alex was still craving for more pleasure.

'More than enough' Alex stood up and towered his puppy Alice, his abrupt movement startled her but couldn't complain because Alex seized her head firmly and slid his hard cock inside her mouth instantly.

'Hgnmmgghf~ Hmmfghhg~ Ahhggff~" Alice Lips expanded to the limit and her small mouth got immediately occupied by Alex dick, which was going all the way down her throat. She gasped for air but couldn't obtain any after Alex's thick long rod closed her air canal.

Alex imprisoned her head with his hand and settled it there persistently, so she doesn't move, then he shook his hips back and forth vigorously, making his dick go in and out of her mouth swiftly.


Glugging and slurping noises got emerged and created beautiful lewd sounds that echoed in Alex's ears, making him sink even further in lust.

Alex plunged his hips hurriedly, smacking his nuts against Alice's chin and hitting the back of her throat at the same time. He was totally enjoying ravaging Alice's throat. He was sure that she was receiving so much pleasure. Despite that, her eyes got teary as she tried to breathe.

Since he had little time, he had less than ten minutes to wrap up everything, including cleaning, wearing his clothes and getting out of the restroom. Recalling all those things, Alex had no choice but to thrust even faster and deeper, totally wrecking Alice's throat.

"Ghhkhhhh! Hmmmmmff! Ahhhgghh! " Alice couldn't help but moan in pleasure, but also trying to gasp for air, Alex's sudden increase in speed, made her incapable to breathe completely.

It didn't last long, as Alex didn't delay his ejaculation this time, so he could cum quickly. Feeling his cock on the verge of cumming, he dragged it back to Alice mouth and laid it on her tongue, then spunked his load inside her mouth.

Alice felt shots of unbelievably sweet, hot fluid hitting the back of her mouth and finally settling in her tongue. Alex didn't shoot his load inside her throat, instead in her mouth, so she can taste his incredibly delicious addictive milk.

Alex patted on Alice head tenderly as he drew out his wiener from her mouth. As soon as he pulled it out, Alice opened her mouth widely and pulled her tongue out, displaying Alex's thick milk that was sitting on her rosy tongue. After a few seconds, she closed her mouth, then began playing with it in her mouth.


Alice gulped his semen vigorously as if it was the best drink she tasted, soon she stretched her tongue out again, which had no longer that white fluid in it. She was showing tongue, informing Alex that she swallowed his semen with no hesitant.

"Ahh~ Thanks for your delicious semen, Master~" Alice sweetly moaned as she felt Alex's delicious semen going down to her belly.

"Good girl…" Alex couldn't hold himself from caressing her head, even though she acted slutty, she was still a beautiful, cute girl. She smiled at Alex happily while enjoying his pats.

"Dress up, we need to get out soon" Alex added as he finished petting his new puppy. They don't have a lot of time left, since he can sense that no one was in the restroom, it was the perfect time to get out of the cubicle.

They both dressed swiftly. Alice began returning to real the world, she remembered all the slutty things she did and said, but didn't feel shy nor embarrassed, since Alex himself recognized her as his pet…

She always had this kink to be treated as a pet during sex… she couldn't tell anyone about it, even Anna, because of feeling shame and embarrassment. But Alex surprisingly accepted it with no significantly thinking and banged her violently, which made her happy about and recognized him as her master.

After they finished dressing, Alex opened the door of the cubicle. He believed Liza was still making both of them invisible, Alice walked out behind Alex, she blushed as she remembered that she had sex in a male restroom; she was still an innocent girl after all.

Alex headed towards the door of the restroom and stood beside it, he could sense a lot of students were in the hallway. They didn't have any way to get out aside from waiting someone to enter then leave right away using invisibility.

"Come beside me and close your eyes" Alex pointed at the ground beside him and ordered her, he couldn't tell her that he could use invisibility, so he needed to hide it as much as possible.

Alice obediently went and stood beside him then closed her eyes. Worry and fear was all over her face, she was worried that someone might catch her in the male's bathroom, but seeing that Alex was calm and relaxed made her feel slightly relaxed and safe.

After a few seconds, the door knob went down, the door opened as a male student entered. Before he could close the door behind him, Alex pulled Alice from her hand and went out, the hallway was full of student, so he ran to the upper floor since he could sense fewer students there.

"You can open your eyes now" Alex let go of Alice's hand, they were in the stairs that takes to the upper floor, since no one was there, He decided to stop there.

"No one saw us?..." Alice asked with a worried expression, she did not know that she was invisible to everyone except Alex.

"Don't worry, I was covering your body, no one saw you. You can get back and check" Alex smiled at Alice, he was trying to calm her down since he couldn't tell her about his powers.

"Okay... Thanks, Mast- Alex" Alice blushed, she recognized him as her Master, but still felt shy saying it outside sex. She couldn't maintain herself from embarrassment and walked down hurriedly, leaving Alex alone in the stairs.

'You have gotten yourself a cute puppy' Liza chuckled.

However, Alex just nodded his head in response, and went upstairs.

"Where are we going now?" Liza asked curiously as Alex stepped upstairs with no halting.

Alex senses got a lot better as Liza regained her power, he can sense the existence of every student in the building he was in, besides their exact places.

'I can sense someone standing on the roof's wall'

Chapter end

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