I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – The Main Dish

The Main Dish

Alex let Alice suck and swallow every drop of his thick milk before he tells her what to do next. With his new powers, his semen tasted incredibly delicious, which made Alice thirstily lick every spot of his big cock in the hope she finds more.

"Strip" Alex spoke with a dominating tone, which made Alice instantly stand up and began taking off her clothes. He also removed his pants and sat down on the toilet seat instead of Alice while staring at her salacious bare body slowly getting exposed.

Alice lustfully gazed with her hearty eyes at his unbelievably hard cock which was firmly pointing at the ceiling while she was clumsily undressing, her mind began going insane as she realized she would sit on it shortly.

Shortly, she was done undressing; however, she wasn't feeling embarrassed or shy, despite Alex gawking at her body shamelessly.

Looking at her bewitching figure, Alex was trying his best to hold back his desire to ** her brains out. Alice was an amateur, and she lacked experience, so he had to teach her how to please him, and the best way to learn is by practice.

From Alex's way of sitting and posture, Alice understood what she has to do, she turned around her peach-like butt and spread her rounded fat buttocks aside, exposing both of her pink holes.

She placed both of her hands on Alex's thighs for support, then slowly bent her knees and squatted until she felt his glans hits against her vulva.

Receiving no help or assistance from Alex, Alice glanced back between her legs and adjusted his dick at her tight pussy hole, then slowly poked his cock inside her slippery cave.

"Ahhhh~" Alice moaned sweetly as she felt Alex's rod slowly invading her insides, widening her pussy walls to their limits and shaping her slutty hole into his shape.

Alice began moving up and down slowly and plunging only half of Alex's cock inside her while holding on to his upper legs for support.

Plut…Plukh… Plat

Penetration wet noises could be heard only inside the cubicle, where Alice did her best to take Alex's whole cock inside her, but couldn't as she felt an immense pleasure that was making her legs tremble and her thighs jolt.

"Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Hmh~" Alice's sweat low moans got mixed with the plunging noises and echoed in Alex's ears. He was just watching Alice try her best to please him, but couldn't reach the level he was demanding, so it was his job to discipline her.


"Aghhhhh!" Alice immediately squirted as soon Alex's palm suddenly smacked her buttock roughly. Her hips stopped moving while she breathed heavily, and her cunt tightened itself to the maximum while her juices were literally dripping on the toilet seat. She wasn't expecting him to spank her butt.

'I think you became addicted to spanking' Liza snickered as she observed Alex going rough on the poor girl.

"Take it all" Alex frowned with an unpleasant tone. He took a handful of her buttocks and aggressively pulled her down, making his whole cock get jabbed inside her sensitive cave and hitting her G-spot.

"Hmmmghhf~ Aghhhggff!" Alice wasn't fully prepared for Alex's second sudden move, her clit was so sensitive and weak as she just orgasmed. Despite that, after she felt Alex thrust her hips in, making his cock hit her womb edges, a goose bump ran through her body and she involuntarily orgasmed again!

Alex didn't let Alice rest as he started pulling her hips up and down on his veiny rod with no mercy.


"Ahghhhf!~ I–I c–can't Hmmfff!~ Ahh~" Alice couldn't handle all the pleasure that was dashing through her body, but she couldn't help but swing her hips in sync with Alex's pulls.


A loud slap sound echoed as Alex spanked her other fat buttock, making them bounce from the hit pressure. It was his first time showing Alice his rough dominant side; he was so gentle and caring the last time they had sex because it was his first time having sex, but now it was different.

Alex's cock produced slippery noises as it entered and re-entered her cum sucking cunt. Her canal applied pressure from all sides on his cock whenever he spanked her.


"Ahhhhhh~ Ahhh~ Ahhhhhhh~" Alice drew her tongue out and moaned effortlessly and without holding it, she was making the face Liza foresaw this morning and whined every second. If it wasn't for Liza's soundproof barrier, they would have been caught a long time ago.

Alex wrecked her clit and violently smacked it with his balls. Making her bubble butt tremble with the force of his pulls. He watched her ass jiggle as his cock went all in and made her moan loudly in joy with a satisfied expression.

After a few minutes of rough pounding, Alex's cock jerked inside Alice's tight pussy. She accordingly increased the speed of her thrusts, even before Alex could do anything.

She felt awful because she didn't please Alex at first, but now it was her chance to compensate him for all the pleasure he offered her.

Looking at the lewd Alice ramming her hips and ass on his dick with a high speed and efficiency without his help. It made Alex stop moving or interfering. He just sat there and enjoy the magnificent pleasure he was getting.

The tingling and the throbbing increased, informing her that Alex is about to ejaculate. Alice didn't slow down but increased the speed of her thrusts even more, to make sure she doesn't trouble him with doing more efforts, and also for another reason... Alex was certain that she want him to shoot his load inside.

Likewise, Alex also wanted to cum inside her, the pleasure blinded his eyes and he didn't care about Alice getting suspicious about it. He activated [infertile Sperm] to make sure his semen was unable to get her pregnant.

With Alice going high speed, Alex didn't intrude, until he felt he was cumming, he groped Alice's hips, then drew her back ramming his whole dick and cumming inside her womb.

"Ahhgf~ Hmmmfghf~ Efffghf~ Ah!!!!" Alice moaned loudly and squirted as felt Alex's thick milk filling up her womb. The hot fluid poured out of it and splashed all over her pussy walls while gradually steaming down her occupied hole.

Alice was already satisfied, her entire body was wobbling from the heavenly pleasure, and her legs were barely holding her up, if she wasn't sitting on Alex's crotch, she would have fallen down already.

Today she discovered the true pleasure of sex that she never knew existed, Alex gave lots of pleasure previously, but this time when he was violent and aggressive, it undoubtedly felt so much better.

'You did a great job!' Liza joyfully announced. Alex indeed did a great job, he senselessly banged Alice senselessly and even made her more lewd but submissive.

'But you are not done yet, right?' Liza added with a grin, she could perceive that Alex was still craving for more.

Alex nodded his head while smirking, cumming twice surely wasn't enough to make the itching sensation in his full balls go away.

He pulled back his cock until it almost came out of her slippery clit, leaving his glans only in and suddenly!


He fired back his whole cock inside, making his thighs slap against Alice's buttocks so roughly. Alex's cock was still erected, it didn't go limp even after cumming. He stood up and pushed Alice forward with his thighs, making her stand up in a standing doggy-style position.

"We are not done yet, Alice" Alex smirked lustfully and then gripped Alice's smooth long hair with his hand.

Chapter end

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