I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Lunch Time

Lunch Time

A female voice rang in both Alex's and Alice's ears, but making only Alex alarmed, since Alice was completely immersed in lust and didn't pay attention to what was going on.

Alex quickly shifted his hand from Alice's butt to her waist in a high speed. Fortunately, Alice was clutching so closely to Alex, which made his hand invisible to those in the front.

After collecting his thoughts, and calming himself a little, Alex glanced up to see what was going on in the front along with identifying who was standing in front of them. The feminine voice he heard was familiar, and he could guess who it belongs to.

He realized they were already near the university entrance gate. Fortunately, he can sense that no one was behind them, but he could see many people were In front of him, most of them were students, including Alice's best friend, Anna.

"Good morning" Alex smiled at Anna and changed his posture to look like he was helping Alice walk.

"Oh, good morning, what are you guys doing?" Anna asked again with a puzzled expression. Her best friend was leaning so intimately toward Alex and holding his arm firmly while her legs jolted violently along with panting heavily, no matter how you look at it, it looked weird.

"Oh, This… Alice tripped this morning and her ankle got hurt… I was walking behind her, so I lend her help to walk" Alex beamed a sweet smile at Anna, making her blush from ear to ear instantly.

"O–Ok I–I understand now" Anna nodded embarrassedly. Alex's smile was more than enough to shake her heart.

'You really know how to use your smile' Liza chuckled.

Anna approached Alice and took her arm and wrapped it around her nape. Feeling her arm getting taken, Alice finally glanced up with her blue eyes, which no longer had those pink hearts. She began realizing what was going on around her.

"I will take her to the infirmary" Anna said and began walking with Alice. But on her way, she glanced back at Alex, she smiled and seductively winked at him.

'It seems that she wants more too' Liza chuckled as she saw the two girls disappear into the crowd.

'That was so close…' Alex signed, It was the first time he has done something sexual outdoors.

'Yes, it was dangerous but so exciting! You have done an amazing job' Liza cheered up him.

Alex nodded, it was indeed very exciting to take the lead and do it freely outside. Liza was slowly turning Alex into a senseless dom, and he was liking it.

After Alice and Anna left, Alex also began walking toward his class, his lessons were starting soon, and he needed to attend them.

"Damn, it's going to be a painful time…" Alex murmured as he walked into the class, his big brother was literally getting choked in his pants and he couldn't do anything about it. Not only that, It got worse as he knew that the slutty teacher Jane was the one who is going to teach his class.

Alex had to cope with his horniness for over three hours! He was being tortured in the class, and Jane's raunchy body just made it more intense. He couldn't help but stare at her mature slutty body regularly.

'Sorry!' Liza chortled as she absorbed the tremendous lust that was coming out of Alex. She also could observe Alex's released lust too, it was so intense and powerful since he wasn't a normal human.

'Damn! My dick doesn't even want to go limp…' Alex cursed as looked at the bulge in his crotch area. It was so big and bulgy. Fortunately, he was wearing a baggy black hoodie, so it covered it up whenever he was walking or sitting.

'Disadvantages of having succubus powers' Liza chuckled as she was witnessing Alex getting tortured and slowly turning into a sex beast.

'I hope this lessens your pain' Alex's right hand moved on its own and got shoved into his hoodie pocket, he lost the feeling in it just like how it happened in the morning. After a few seconds, Alex regained control of his hand and he could feel three small papers in his pocket.

Feeling cash in his pocket was the only thing that made Alex slightly happy about his current situation.




With time going so slowly, the 3 hours of the lesson finally ended, as soon the slutty teacher finished, he got up from his seat and went out.

'Where are you going?' Liza asked curiously.

'The bathroom, I need to wash my face' Alex walked swiftly towards the bathroom, His whole body was in heat, and his eyes were glowing red with lust.

Alex kept walking until he reached the restroom area, with his enhanced senses, he could tell that no one was in the male's restroom, but there were two girls in the female's restroom.

Suddenly a beautiful girl dashed out of the bathroom door alone, and to her surprise, Alex was in front of her.

"Time for lunch, Alice" Alex grinned at Alice like a beast looking at his prey. Alice was startled at the sudden presence of Alex in front of her, but after she has done processing what he said and understood the meaning behind it, she smiled seductively at him.

"Okay, let's fuc—"

Before Alice could finish her sentence, he hurriedly seized her hand and dragged her to the empty male's bathroom, then into the cubicle.

Alice knew what was going to happen, she sat down on the toilet seat and bite her bottom lip as she looked at Alex's face. She was waiting for Alex to ravage her again impatiently.

Soon, the beautiful pink hearts occupied her sapphire crystal eyes, signifying that her lust already reached its peak. Alex's lust reached its peak too, but unlike Alice, there were no hearts in his eyes.

Alex clumsily unzipped his pants and lowered them, revealing his massive dragon.

"Wow! So big" Alice smiled so lewdly, it was her first time seeing Alex's dick this close, she instinctively held it with her small hand and observed it.

Looking at the smiling Alice, Alex activated [Manly Scent], making his dick release a manly lewd scent that can make any woman go crazy for his meat rod.

'Take care of everything else' Alex said, he was talking to Liza. She had to put a soundproofing barrier around them and make sure no one would interfere, Alex could do that by himself, but it was better for her to do it, so he could save energy and Mana.

As soon the lewd scent reached Alice's nose, she quickly shoved the cock's glans inside her mouth, it was big enough to stretch her lips to their limits. Feeling that his dick was too big to fit inside her small mouth, she pulled his glans out and began licking it as if she was licking the most delicious ice cream.

It was Alice's first time giving a blowjob, so she wasn't perfect, but her tongue was still pleasurable.

"Suck it" Alex wasn't feeling it just from a few licks, he needed Alice to go even further. She was already corrupted by the pleasure, she was no longer that shy Alice. Despite that, she still lacked experience, so Alex needed to teach her.

Hearing Alex's demand, Alice obeyed, she slowly shoved his dick in her mouth, stretching her lips to the maximum, but feeling so much pleasure as she went deeper, Alice continued swallowing Alex's cock until it reached her throat.

Alex was amused, Alice managed to swallow most of his cock inside her mouth. After a few seconds, she pulled it back slowly and then swallowed it back again.

After a few slow tries, she started rising her speed as she felt her lips and jaw getting used to Alex's thick cock. She would swallow his meat rod until it reach down her throat, then pull it back until his glans gets licked by her tongue.


'Damn! She is getting so good quickly' Alex groaned as he felt enormous pleasure running through her body.

'Yes, she is doing great! She is just following her instincts' Liza giggled.

After a few minutes of sucking and licking, Alice was already getting perfect. Alex had to pat her head in approval.

With [Touch of Pleasure] activated, Alice felt a tremendous pleasure on her head, she felt good to the point of shaking her rounded ass against the toilet seat like a puppy.

Feeling Alex's gentle touches on her head, Alice had to reply to his love. She increased her speed and stretched her tongue out while violently sucking whole his cock in, and giving his balls some licks with her tongue in the process.

"Good…" Alex praised her as he began feeling the tingling sensation in his balls, soon his cock throbbed violently inside her throat.

The smutty Alice understood what that meant, she increased her sucking speed even more with no worry about her throat, her only desire was to please Alex.

The tingling sensation grew stronger, which made Alex hold Alice's head firmly and began pulling her head back and forth, making her vigorously suck his entire dick, but it didn't last long as Alex released his load inside her throat.

Streams of thick semen went down her throat, while the remaining forcefully spilled out of her occupied mouth since it was his first load today.

Alex chuckled at Alice who was still senselessly sucking and swallowing his cum and uttered.

"It's time for the main dish"

Chapter end

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