I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Trauma


[Warning: Trauma and suicide mentions]

Alex panted heavily as he sat down on the pink couch beside Mary. She also changed her position to sitting. Alex's thick fluid was still flowing out of her cunt.

"Aren't you worried about getting pregnant?..." After he glanced at his semen coming out of her pussy like a river, Alex asked.

He knew the chances of her getting pregnant was zero percent, but seeing her show no major reactions about it even after she regained her consciousness.

"I would lie if I said I'm not worried about it but it won't be my first time getting pregnant, I have a daughter, she is probably the same age as you. You gave me lots of pleasure that I never thought existed, so it was worth it this time" Mary looked at Alex with a smile but her beautiful honey-like eyes were lifeless.

'HOLY CRAP! See what you have gotten me into! I slept with a mother, and she is probably married!' Alex freaked out, he wasn't someone who love NTR in all its types.

He knew that after she slept with him, she can no longer get satisfied with normal sex, which meant the destruction of her family.

'Relax, I can tell she never had sex in years and her pussy was fresh as a maiden, and you ruined it now' Liza said in a calm voice trying to calm Alex down.

Alex took a few deep breaths to calm down a little, he was in a panic; he didn't expect her to have a daughter since Liza told him she hadn't had sex in a long time.

"Are you married?..." Alex hesitantly asked. Worry was all over his handsome face.

"No, I'm not married" Mary started wiping Alex's White milk with a paper towel as it began staining her couch.

Alex felt a huge relief rain down on him and a pang of tremendous guilt fell off his shoulders. There's still the possibility of her having a boyfriend, but since he knew she hadn't had sex for a long time, that omitted that possibility. He still had a lot of questions to ask, he wanted to know more about her.

"Are you divorced?" Alex asked in a calmer tone than before.

"No, I'm not divorced either, I got pregnant by my boyfriend 18 years ago..." Mary uttered in a sad voice, she was having a difficult time trying to talk normally.

Alex was confused a little, but he decided to ask more questions until he understands her situation.

"Where is he now? You guys didn't get married?" Alex played with her smooth brown hair with his hand and asked curiously.

"He left me after I got pregnant" Mary expressionlessly said at the void, her eyes were completely lifeless and colorless. Her tone contained anger, sadness, and regret.

'I guess he went to buy the milk' Liza chuckled as she presented a dark humor joke, which Alex completely ignored.

(Author's Note: If you laughed, you're going to hell :) )

"He was my first boyfriend, we met in high school, I was sixteen at that time, he was a year older than me and a handsome senior. I liked him and I decided to confess my feelings to him, to my surprise he accepted and said he liked me too. I was suspicious of that because he was a popular guy and I was just an average girl, but soon I forgot about it after we started fooling around" Mary paused as tears started falling down her cheeks while she held her legs firmly closer to her.

Alex started caressing her back to comfort her and make her feel that he was still beside her, after feeling his hand on her bareback, she calmed a little and carried on narrating her story.

"We dated for about eight months, we did all sorts of things which I regret now. We kept fooling around until one day I started feeling unwell. I told my mom, and she took me to the hospital, on that day, I discovered I was pregnant. My mom was shocked and barely could talk. Seeing her like that I got scared, and I texted him I was pregnant, and to my surprise, he blocked my number after I saw my message. I was completely abandoned. When we returned home, my mom told my dad about it, he was a strict dad, he had the same expression as my mom and even worst. After I told him that my ex-boyfriend blocked me, my father immediately disowned me, and after a few minutes of raging on me, he fainted because of having a panic attack." Mary paused again and glanced again at the ceiling, her eyes were full of tears and started getting red.

Alex had a complicated expression on his face, he didn't know what should he say, but he kept trying to comfort her through his actions.

'I don't know why you always meet broken women' Liza uttered calmly, after Mary went deeper into her past, even for a succubus like Liza, Mary's story was saddening.

After feeling a little calmer, Mary continued her story with a depressed voice.

"After my mom took my fainted dad to the hospital, aside from the serious panic he had, the doctor diagnosed him with lung cancer...He was a heavy smoker. He became in a hopeless state after he found out his cancer was in its last stages and what's worst his daughter was pregnant by a "stranger" kid. Despite all that, my mom did her best and paid for his treatment, she poured all her money into his medical bills. They loved each other so much but I ruined everything. After about five months of false hope, my dad died...because of cancer, leaving my mom drowning in loans, and me, a minor, six months pregnant" Mary started crying out loudly and shedding tears while remembering her pitiful past.

Alex hugged her closer to him and began stroking her head gently with his hand while trying to comfort her.

Mary couldn't help by sob uncontrollably in Alex's chest. Seeing her cry out that loudly, Alex could tell that it was her first time telling someone about her past, she was hiding it inside her heart for over 18 years.

"Thanks..." She thanked Alex and tears were still falling down, she couldn't stop crying but the feeling of comfort was rising in her as she felt Alex's warmth.

After a few minutes of consistent sobbing, Mary put her head on his shoulder and she started talking again. She was still crying but not as much as before.

"After my father died, my mom's life turned upside down, she struggled a lot, financially, mentally, and physically. She couldn't handle it anymore, the death of her beloved husband brought her only misery. She blamed me for everything, She stopped talking to me and even looking at me...And after a few weeks, she committed suicide...I lost my parents in less than seven months" Mary uttered in a shaking voice, she absolutely regretted everything she has done.

"Why didn't you abort your child in the beginning? Wasn't that the best decision?" Alex finally spoke and asked Mary some questions.

"I thought about it, but how can I abort my child alone? My parents hated every inch of me, and all my mom's money was going to my dad's medical bills as I said before. I'm sure even if I asked her to take me to abort my child, she won't even look at me" Mary spoke, her condition only gets more miserable every time she talks.

She was so different from the energetic Mary that was having sex with him a couple of minutes ago. She went from a cheerful and happy person to a pitiful depressed person as she began narrating her story.

"After both of my parents died and since I was still a minor, my grandmother had to take my custody, she also hated me so much and despised me for resulting in my mom committing suicide, if she wasn't obligated to take care of me, I'm sure would be happy to see me sleeping in the streets. After three months, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, the only blessing god gave me, she was the only reason I kept striving for a better life, for me and for her, after two months of giving birth to her, I immediately went out and looked for a job, since I was still seventeen, I couldn't get a full-time job, and I only worked as a part-timer in a convenient store, I had to work so I provide my little daughter her needs, and I knew my grandmother would kick me outside her house after I turn 18 years old, so to save up money to be able to rent a small apartment for us"

Alex had a complicated look on his face, he couldn't believe all this happened to her and she kept herself strong, and he got only bullied because of his eyes and attempted suicide multiple times.

"That's exactly what happened, when I turned 18 years old, my grandmother legally kicked me outside of her house, leaving me homeless. Fortunately, I saved up some money, and I was able to rent a tiny apartment, or rather a box. I lived there with my daughter for years. I thought I will save my daughter, but I just made her life more miserable. I'm sure she got bullied since elementary school and I think even now she still gets bullied for being underprivileged, I see bruises all over her body and I can't even complain. She also stopped talking with me nor looking at me just like my parents did. She probably hates me too, but I really try my best for her. After she graduated from high school, I took a loan from the bank, I paid her college fees and I bought this store in the hope I will make an income to pay my loans..." Mary began wiping her tears with her fingers, Alex also tried to help her wipe them.

"Everything is going to be fine, Mary" Alex said in a confident tone, trying to make her stay hopeful.

"How do you know my name?..." Mary looked at Alex with a confused expression and moist eyes.

"I read it off your apron" Alex smiled at her and then unexpectedly leaned his head lower and kissed her lips.

Alex activated his skill [Lust Enslavement Kiss] making Mary his long-life partner.

Mary wrapped her hands around Alex's neck and started kissing him back passionately, as she started feeling love blooming in her heart along with a sense of comfort.


Author Note:

I'm sorry this chapter was just Mary's traumatic past, and it's longer than usual chapters, I tried to finish all this tragedy in one chapter; I know some of you won't like this, but I had to do it, I don't want my novel to revolve only about sex. If you don't like it, tell me in the comments, I will try to not add any more depressing chapters like this one.

Anyway, thanks for all the support you guys give me, I really appreciate it!

Another reminder, please censor sensitive and inappropriate words, for example, MILF, Lust, Virgin, Sex, incest ... I know those words may sound normal to you, but it's not okay for Webnovel. so please try to censor them if you expect me to reply to your comment.



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