I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – An Octopus-like Pussy [ 18]

An Octopus-like Pussy [ 18]

Alex felt like he was **ing an octopus. No matter how fast he pulls his dick back, Mary's tight pussy immediately sucks it back deeper.

'Such a tight pussy…' Alex leaned towards Mary, bending her up to the maximum. His palms sank into her soft milk glands. Pinching and teasing her hardened nipples.

Alex thrust harder, making his balls kiss the lower part of her cunt and his glans touch the boundaries of her womb.


The sound of Alex's tights slapping Mary's fat buttocks along with wet penetrating noises echoed in the whole room, making both of them sink even more in lust.

"Ahhhgghh~ Hmmghhf~ Ahhh~" Mary moaned non-stop as if she was waiting and yearned for Alex's love in years. She couldn't help but want more and more.

Alex kept thrusting in and out instinctively, making her big breasts jiggle in sync with his balls and filling feeling the room with an obscene, promiscuous scent.

He kept humping on her body roughly. Exploring her wet insides that hadn't been explored in a long time, while trying to make her experience the true pleasure of sex.

"Ahh~ Ahh~ Ahh~ Ahnnhh!" With a loud primal cry, Mary squirted. Her sticky love nectar gushed out of her occupied pink cave, leading her to feel a divine pleasure in her entire body as she breathed heavily.

Alex stopped his thrusts, but not to let Mary rest or take a breath. He fixed her legs up his shoulders, held her thin waist firmly with his hands, and stood up.

"Annnnhhhhh!" Mary cried out as she felt Alex's dick got fully plunged into her wet, sensitive pussy as he stood up and carried her with him.

"Don't forget that I didn't shoot my load yet" Alex instead of thrusting his hips back and forth, he began moving her whole body in and out; making her release loud moans.

"Ahhh~ Stop pleas— Mnnnh~ I'm still sensitive~ Ahhhh~" Mary begged Alex to stop, but she wrapped her legs firmly around his hips and stretched her tongue out as she glanced up at the ceiling with her hearty brown eyes like a slut. She was feeling an intense heavenly pleasure every time Alex pull her entire body in, shoving his entire thick cock inside her wet mature flower.

Plat!... Plat!…Plukh!

Slapping sounds created from Mary's ass cheeks smacking against Alex's tights roamed all over the half-empty room while drops of her juices fell on the floor and making it wet just like her pussy.

Alex didn't face any difficulties or felt any burden from carrying an adult woman while smacking her whole body against his lower abdomen. He gained a lot of strength after Liza possessed his body, which made a mature woman's body weigh like a feather to him.

After about ten minutes of instinctive sex, Alex began thrusting his hips in sync with pulling her body in and out after he felt his cock throb inside Mary's smutty cave.

"Are you cumming? Ahhh~ shoot it inside me! Ahhh~" As a mature woman, after feeling Alex throbbing inside her, she instantly knew he was about to ejaculate.

"Not yet" Alex brought Mary down on her feet and took some deep breaths, then activated his skill to the maximum to delay his ejaculation longer. This was going to be his 8 time cumming today, and he knew he won't afford to cum again after it.

Mary was barely able to stand up, her legs were shaking crazily. After losing support from Alex's arms, she immediately fell on her knees while breathing heavily.

"Get on the couch and stick your ass up for me" After his cock stopped throbbing, Alex told the MILF beauty what to do.

Mary's legs were trembling from the tremendous pleasure Alex provided her, he managed to make her orgasm 6 times since they began. Despite that, she did her best to stand up and obediently went to the couch as Alex told her. She was exhausted but she still wanted to experience that divine pleasure again and feel Alex's thick cock inside her more.

She kneeled and placed her hands on the backrest of the couch for support. Looking behind at Alex with her lovely eyes. She spread her thighs, bent her belly downward, and stuck out her fat butt up. Exactly like Alex instructed her.

Her curvy body was outstanding in the doggy style position, it left Alex speechless, he couldn't believe that he was banging a beautiful woman like her.

But he quickly woke up from daze and walked up towards Mary's peach-like ass. He pointed his thick long cock at her pussy and rubbed it again on her swollen pink lips, trying to find her small tight hole.

After a few seconds of searching, Alex shoved his entire cock in one cock, making Mary cry out in pleasure.

"Ahhhhhh~ Again! Please ** me more!~"

Hearing Mary's beggarly moans, Alex grabbed a handful of her fat, soft buttocks.

'Woah, so soft' Alex exclaimed as his fingers sank deep into her soft in her butt cheeks. He began thrusting while pulling her ass back and forth in sync.

"Ah~ **! It feels so **ing good!~ harder please~ Ah~ Hmmah!"

Her sweet lady-like moans rang in his ears like a beautiful hymn, made him thrust his hips faster just to hear more.


"Ahhhh!" Mary orgasmed. Alex unexpectedly spanked Mary's fat, rounded buttock and made her instantly cum.


Another smack landed on the other buttock, leading her pussy to tighten itself to the maximum. Wrapping around Alex's cock like an octopus. Sucking him from all the sides and making him want to cum urgently!

"So **ing tight!…" Alex groaned. Feeling his cock getting aggressively crushed by her pussy walls, he couldn't help but thrust even deeper and faster, as he felt an extreme pleasure melting his lower abdomen.

He moved his hands towards Mary's thin shoulders and held them firmly with his hands, then began literally hammering her little kitty from behind.

"Omg!~ Ah~ Ah~ ** me harder~ Ah~ Ah~" She moaned loudly as she felt Alex's cock hitting her womb boundaries and reaching spots she never thought anyone would reach.

Among all the women he slept with in the last two days, Mary was the most one who moaned freely and loudly, while vulgarly expressing her feelings. Alex truly loved it, he was someone who would love to hear dirty talks and lewd begging during sex.

After a couple of minutes of rough pussy pounding, Alex's dick throbbed again and aggressively inside Mary's octopus-like pussy.

"Ah~ Shoot it inside me! Please~ Ah~ Hmmmh~ Ah~" Mary instantly begged again, Alex to shoot his load inside her as soon she felt him jerk inside her.

Alex knew she wasn't on her mind and she was not thinking straight. The pleasure Alex gives her was like a drug, so she wouldn't realize the consequences of releasing his load inside, until they finish their sex session.

Despite that, he wanted to fulfill her desire, since he can make his semen infertile then it's no problem for him to cum inside.

He activated his skill [infertile Semen] and made sure it activated, he wouldn't want to get a woman pregnant since he can't take responsibility yet.

After making sure everything is working fine, Alex began thrusting rougher and faster, so fast to the point of making Mary's ass cheeks red from slapping with his thighs. Soon after not being able to hold it any longer, he released his load.

"Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Ahhhhh!" Mary squirted again as she felt hot, thick fluid gushing into her womb and filling it up.

Both of them breathed heavily after they cummed, the pleasure was still running through their bones, making their bodies shiver.

After feeling that every drop of semen was released successfully inside Mary's womb, Alex pulled out his half-erected cock. It was soaked wet and dripping with his semen along with her sticky fluid. Mary's pussy was also so wet by her juices. After a while, his thick white milk began gushing out of her pink flower.

Alex looked at that sight with a satisfied expression, he was breathing heavily like Mary. She buried her face in the couch's backrest and breathed heavily as she felt thoughtfully Alex's seed dripping out of her smutty cunt and falling on the wooden floor.

"I never felt this good before.... It was the best" Mary uttered softly, she experienced a pleasure she never thought it exists.

"Same here..." Alex murmured under his breath, so far, this was the best sex he ever had. Sex with a mature woman was absolutely a heavenly experience.

Chapter end

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