I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – My first MILF!

My first MILF!

Alex stared at Mary, who was still licking his white milk thirstily with lustful eyes, as if he was about to eat her alive.

'Great! Show her what you can do! But before that you should go to other room there, don't forget that you are in a public store and people can see through the glass' Liza reminded Alex before he jumps on Mary like a beast.

'What if someone enters the store?' Alex asked worriedly after he regained some control over his mind and lust.

Even though Liza can make the room or even the whole store soundproof. The store was still open and people can get in without Alex or Mary realizing, and since Mary's store was recently opened, she didn't install security cameras yet which made Alex worried, he didn't want her store to get robbed while he **s her brains out.

'Don't worry, no one can enter if the store is closed' Liza chuckled and a low clicking sound came from the store's doors and echoed in Alex's ears.

Alex immediately jerked his head to the door's direction and saw the "closed" sign slowly being flipped to the "open" sign. Since he was inside the store, it looked the opposite of what other people see from outside.

Mary wasn't able to see that since she was under the counter desk sucking and lick Alex's dick clean.

'Telekinesis??! You already can use it?' Alex exclaimed, He already knew that high-tier succubuses can use telekinesis after he read the books that Liza showed him, but he was still stunned and surprised when he saw it in real life.

'Of course I can use it, Who do you think I am?' Liza chuckled pridefully.

Alex nodded his head in acknowledgment, sometimes he forgets that Liza is a succubus queen that ruled an entire race and reigned over the succubi kingdom.

'Now take her to the other room and conquer her body and soul!' Liza added.

Alex nodded again and turned his attention to Mary again, she finished licking all semen off his cock but soaking it with her saliva.

"It's still erected even after cumming! Ah~ I can't stop licking it~ " Mary sweetly uttered and began rubbing Alex's dick with her hand.

Alex looked down and saw what Mary was talking about, his veiny dick was so hard and bigger than usual. Alex was also surprised, he was used to his dick going limp after cumming, but this time it was different, it was probably thanks to Liza powers.

Feeling the lust in him grows up, Alex bent over and carried Mary like a princess and headed towards the room in the back.

"Woah!" Mary yelled out in surprise when Alex gently carried her in his hands like a princess. She never expected that a middle-aged woman like her would be carried like that again. She truly loved it.

Alex walked slowly towards the door while carrying his yummy mummy in his arms. The room wasn't far, and they quickly reached it, but Alex couldn't open the door since both of his hands are occupied.

He didn't wait for long before the doorhandle was moved down, and the door began slowly opening by itself or that what it seemed, Mary lustful eyes were fixed on Alex flawless face, as a result she didn't notice that the opened without Alex even touching it.

The door opened fully, and a half empty room welcomed Alex, it was the manger room as Alex guessed, it had only a computer desk, a small pink couch and a couple of lockers.

Alex let go of Mary's legs and made her stand, and as soon her legs were fixed on the ground, she began undressing swiftly and started revealing her astonishing hourglass figure.

Her body was so hot and smutty to the point of making any man horny just from peeking at it for a second, she was a woman with a big breast, slender thin waist and a plump ass, she was the true example of a perfect MILF!

"Fuck me…" Mary uttered softly and approached Alex, she was completely drowned in her lust and her beautiful eyes were fixed on Alex's erected dick which was hard as a rock and pointing at the ceiling while twitching consistently.

Alex pushed Mary on the pink couch and removed his shirt sexily while looking at her pink wet pussy.

Mary bit her bottom lip and raised her legs up, then wrapped her arms around her thighs and lewdly spread open her pink cave with her hands. Unexpectedly small pink hearts appeared in her honey-like eyes which signified that her lust reached its peak-level.

'The hearts already appeared…' Alex was amused by how slutty Mary behaved and how obscene her body was.

'Yes! I can tell that she has been holding her desires for years~' Liza responded happily. The more lust was released during sex the more she observed which meant that her powers get regenerated quickly.

Alex shook his head after hearing Liza's sweet voice and plunged his entire cock in Mary's pussy in one go, leaving only his balls outside.

"Annnhhh~" Mary let out a sweet needy moan while staring at Alex with her slutty eyes.

'Agh! Damn…' Alex groaned as he felt her tight pussy walls sucking in his dick like an octopus. He never felt that good before. Mary professional techniques got him convinced that mature women are definitely better than young ones.

Then, Alex started pounding Mary's wet pussy slowly as she let out pleasure moans.

"Ah~ Ah~ Ah~" Mary moaned every time Alex thrust his dick back and forth, hitting her womb entrance and making her feel unbearable pleasure.

"Ah~ **! **~ **~ It feels so good~ Ah~" Mary cursed as she felt waves of pleasure rushing through her body.

Alex increased his thrusting speed, leaned over her upper body, grabbed the couch backrest with his hands and began sucking her pink erected nipples and licking her smooth huge milkers while aggressively hammering her pussy with his thick cock.

"It's just the beginning, prepare yourself for more" Alex said with a smile and continued sucking and biting Mary's pink nipples while his cock explored unexplored areas in her wet cave.

Chapter end

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