I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Changes


After sucking and swallow every drop of cum in Alex's cock, Erin stood up, her legs were shaking, and she couldn't stand without the support of Alex's arms.

"Put your clothes on" Alex gazed at Erin's attractive lustful body and said.

"Okay, Master, but I need your help... My hands are shaking, and I can't wear my clothes" Erin looked at her master's eyes and said with an apologetic tone.

"Okay, I will help you wear them" Alex pulled his black pants back and took out a paper handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his thick cum that was slowly dripping out of Erin's flower, he didn't want Erin's underwear to smell, his white thick cum developed a strong scent as he gained his incubus powers.

Erin was surprised by how much Alex changed, he went from the aggressive, dominant Master to a gentle, caring Master. She loved his dominant side, but she also loved his gentle side. But now all her desires were fulfilled, and she was satisfied, so she preferred the gentle Master now.

After that, he grabbed Erin's white cute pantie from the ground and pulled them up, but it was quickly stopped by her thick white thighs.

"Damn... You have such great thick thighs" Alex exclaimed as he used his whole power to pull Erin's panties up.

"Y-You don't l–like them?" Erin got startled by Alex's comment, she was a chubby short girl, but she had a curvy body, her waist and hips were small but her thighs, belly and cheeks were fluffy and plump.

Her ass was big and rounded, but it wasn't as fat, rounded and perfect as Anna's ass, but Erin's milk glands definitely outshone Anna's breasts, both of them had big breasts, but Erin's breasts were softer and firmer than Anna's.

"I love them" Alex glanced up at Erin and made eye contact, he was definitely honest about what he said.

"I would love to get my face sandwiched by them next time" Alex stood with her bra on his hand and smiled at Erin.

"I will do it next time, Master" Erin promised Alex with a cute expression.

Alex nodded his head and proceed to put her bra on.

"I feel better now, I can put the rest of my clothes by myself" Erin added.

Alex handed her bra and her other clothes, and she wore them normally, her hands stopped shaking too, but her legs were still slightly trembling.

"Master, Can I go now?, I have a lesson soon" Erin looked at her golden feminine watch after she wore all her clothes and asked for her Master's permission.

"Yes, you can go, I will go soon too" Alex said as he began approaching her, Erin was startled, but she didn't move from her place after she understood what her Master's wanted to do.

Alex slowly caressed her chubby cute cheek, pulled her face towards his, and placed his lips on her rosy soft lips.

Erin immediately closed her eyes and open her mouth slightly to let her Master's tongue battle with hers. Just like Erin expected, Alex's tongue forced its way and collided with Erin's tongue.

After a couple of minutes of passionate kissing, Alex finally pulled his face away from Erin's flushed face, he knew she has a lesson soon, so he didn't want to be the reason she is late.

"Thanks for the kiss, Master~" Erin said happily and departed with Alex.

Alex watched her go until she disappeared, then he walked and sat on his usual spot.

"Ohh, I'm so tired..." Alex signed heavily as he sat down on the couch.

'You should be tired, you ejaculated six times in less than two hours, that's quite a lot' Liza chuckled.

'Is there any way you can raise my stamina and make me gain muscles quickly'?' Alex wandered, it would be so helpful if Liza had the power to do that.

Alex's body was weak, he wasn't thin nor fat, he didn't have any muscles in his body either. He hadn't been doing any workouts or physical exercises. In his free time, he would just read books or study, that meant sitting down for hours.

'Unfortunately no, at least for now no, but you can go to the gym instead, I promise you will really get buffed in no time' Liza promised,

'Okay, I will try it, also I just remembered that a new gym just opened near our house' Alex quickly got convinced, he also knew it's time to gain some muscles and increase his stamina. He also wants to make his body more appealing, like his face.

'You should register in it then, you're already strong, stronger than most humans, except for your muscles didn't grow, and your stamina didn't increase despite gaining supernatural powers, but I'm sure they will both increase rapidly after you workout for a couple of weeks' Liza reassured Alex.

She knew it's hard to change someone's lifestyle, Alex's always spent his time studying, and it will be hard to convince him to start going to the gym and workout, but surprisingly Alex was more open about it and agreed to her idea quickly.

'Yes, I feel strong, but no changes appeared in my body' Alex said as he looked at his palm.

'Just do some workouts for a couple of weeks, and I'm sure you will notice a huge difference, it won't be difficult for you, so don't be lazy' Liza added.

After a half hour of resting, Alex stood from the couch, he has a lesson soon, so he needed to go soon.

He exited the library and went to where his lesson is held. On his way, Alex received a lot of attention, he received a lot of attention before Liza possessed him too but unlike before, now girls would blush when they see him and boys would envy him angrily.

Alex didn't pay much attention to them and kept walking towards his destination, he's used to receive attention since he was a kid, it wasn't something special for him anymore, in fact he hated it, but now, he felt slightly better and happier when people look at him.

He didn't know that he became the most popular guy in the campus, and that would bring him a lot of unwanted problems.

Chapter end

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