I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Hidden Power

Hidden Power

The familiar looking parrot that has been following them for a very long time was now outside the window attentively staring inside, especially at Liza. It was able to see her, although she was perfectly hiding her presence.

Not only that, it was able to speak, not any kind or compassionate words, rather holding so much hatred and despise. Glaring at the humans surrounding Liza as if she was looking at dirt.

"What a disgrace seeing her in this state, I wonder how she would feel when she brings ruination to these lowly humans... Tsk"

Muttering in a low tone none of them was able to hear. Taking a moment and deeply staring at the male human, before it suddenly flapped its wings and disappeared into the sky.


On the other hand, Alex jerked his head towards that window as he felt like someone was watching them.

To rest assure, he scanned the surroundings but sensed nothing unusual around. But the feeling someone was watching wasn't at all false and he was sure of it.

Nonetheless, seeing that Liza was still playfully enjoying the food made him brush his worries off and return to eating.

Even with having extraordinary senses, the two weren't able to danger lurking in the shadows waiting to strike.

Yet, everyone just finished their food normally and it was time to separate, unfortunately. Alice was going back to her house and Anna was going for her work shift in the store, as for Alex, he still wanted to test his powers.

"Sorry, Alex, but I need to leave now, c-can I pass by again another time? I want to hang out with you"

Alice fixed her clothes and was ready to head out, but turned around with pleading eyes and flustered cheeks. She surely liked the time she spent with him cooking and playfully chatting with Anna.

She still hasn't met Mary and Ashley, but was definitely looking forward to getting along with everyone her Master holds dear.

"Yes, you can pass by when you want"

"Absolutely! I will myself bring you over"

Both Alex and Anna positively responded, making their faces beam with smiles for the easily-shy Alice. She lightly bowed with a cute blush before she went out.

"Darn it! She's so cute as always, but incredibly shameless when with you, darling~"

Anna jokingly giggled after her childhood friend left in hurry. Alice was indeed becoming vulgar and bold, but such a comment shouldn't come out of a perverted girl like Anna.

Still, Alex patted on her head and stroked her silky blue hair, causing her to cling into him more, but unfortunately, it was time for her to head out.

All the three of them slacked today, even skipped classes and delayed their work, but it apparently was okay to have such special days from time to time.

"See you later, Darling~"

Waving her hand after getting ready, Anna soon left his sight. He was all alone now, except for a lazy succubus laying on the couch like an old man, rubbing her stomach satisfyingly after filling it all with a yummy meal.

"Don't look at me like that! I can't laze a bit?!"

Noticing his gaze and the light frown on his face, along with a laughing smile. Liza's cheeks flushed as she grumped. She was adorable enough to lounge as much as she needed.

Plus, Alex wasn't rushing her anywhere, he was still staying inside, but planning on doing some tests. Especially, using magic with his new body.

Although, he successfully became an incubus, he still needs to hone his magic and use it effortlessly. It needed a little more practice for each channeling or spell cast.


He walked towards a chair and stood before it, unfolding his arms and directing his palm in front of it. The chair instantly began floating around whenever way he takes it.

That was a pretty easy trick, but a start for a more difficult one. Since he absorbed loads of energy from his girls, it wouldn't hurt practicing a little.

Closing his eyes and spreading his arms to the sides, he almost immediately began floating, too! His feet rose from the ground, and he was perfectly balanced mid air. For the first time, that was definitely impressive.

The succubus was watching with a proud smile, still lazing out on the couch. He was floatingly going around the apartment. It was similar with flying with his wings, but it was more mana-draining and didn't seem to be suitable for high altitudes.

Landing back on the ground and nodding satisfyingly. His magic control was getting better, but he still needed to work on it more.


Staring at his hand and immediately again a fireball started forming, blazing flames orbiting on his palm, getting bigger and small to his desire. The same goes for water and wind.

It might seem too weak, but it is deadly when inputted with large amounts of mana, such as when Liza with a single finger flick burned a whole falling tree in the park before

Remembering that, her flames weren't red or yellow like it is naturally, rather they were deadly black more like a shadow swallowing everything in its way.

Definitely not regular flames or fire magic, something shouldn't be played with... Still, Alex wanted to try blazing it like Liza's flames!

Unfolding his palm again and taking a breath with his eyes closed, taking every bit of mana in his body towards his hand and focusing on forming the same magic.

However, nothing was happening yet, rather for long minutes, but Alex wasn't giving up as he felt getting closer to cast those hellish flames.


On the other side, Liza was attentively watching, and soon her eyes went wide-open as Alex's hand started blazing with black flames... That wasn't supposed to happen, especially when he just switched into being an incubus recently.

The succubus stood sitting back on the couch, no longer feeling lazy at all, nor bored. Still, she remained silent, watching. The shocked expression on her face was just going to grow more.


Watching the shadow-like flames in his palm with satisfied look on his face, although it was just a small ball and cause sweat on his forehead, it was a good achievement.

However, there was a move Liza did before that he couldn't forget. When they were attacked by that mysterious hooded person before, she made them run for their life immediately.

The moment that, divine golden energy formed in his hand, which was sent as a powerful punch that eradicated everything in its path. That was enough proof of how strong the queen was even on earth.

[A/N: All those events happened in the previous chapters in vol 1]


It would be even difficult to try to replicate such magic, technically impossible as it was something Liza was born with as a pure-blooded royal succubus, a newly incubus surely wouldn't dare to dream about it.

However, the fact that she used such powers with his physical body without causing any damages was more praise-worthy

For that, Alex wanted to give it a shot. Again, the same process as with the flames, closing his eyes and focusing every bit of energy and mana in his body and even absorbing from his surroundings.

Forcefully stretching his palm to its limit, before he quickly gathered it back into a punch, majestic golden energy surrounded his whole hand as if it came down of heaven.


The succubus's jaw dropped and a stunned expression formed in her face. With wide-open eyes she ogled at Alex playing with golden energy in disbelief...

Chapter end

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