I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Completely conquered

Completely conquered

"Clean it" Alex approached Erin and dangled his limp fat cock in front of her face.

Erin moved her small hands towards his big brother and started licking his thick milk off its glans.

"How is it?" Alex smirked and patter her head while she was cleaning his meat rod off their love juices.

"Hmm.... It's so delicious, Master" Erin glanced up and said with a happy tone.

Alex patted and caressed her head while she kept doing her long awaited job.

'You really did a great job. You managed to conquer a quiet, shy girl like her!' Liza happily exclaimed, Alex who was just a virgin yesterday managed to dominate Erin completely and turn her to his cocksucker.

'Yes, it was worth it'

Alex's dick started getting hard again, but he didn't do anything and kept talking with Liza while Erin sucked him.

'That's great! You already conquered two girls and made them yours! But you still need to put on [Lust Enslavement Kiss] on that girl, Alice' Liza excitement leaked out.

'You seem happy a lot about it' Alex chuckled as he caressed Erin's cheeks with his hands, she was sucking Alex's veiny rod as if she was sucking on a popsicle.

'Yes, of course I'm happy about it! It's just been less than a day, and you already **ed three girls! And two of them were virgins! You really exceed my expectations, I thought it's will take a lot of time since you were an introvert for your whole life' Liza uttered excitedly

'Thanks, I myself don't know how I did it, somehow I know everything about sex and how to please women, did you regain a lot of your power?' Alex asked and kept his eyes on Erin, who was happily sucking his fully erected cock.

'Yes, it's part of having incubus power inside of you now, you're basically a half incubus and a half human now. Yes I gained a lot just from three sex sessions' Liza answered Alex's questions while trying to hide the excitement in her voice.

'But will it disappear after you leave my body? And How much did you gain?' Alex was curious and rained Liza with questions

'Oh slow down, I don't really know whether you will keep your incubus powers or no, but probably no, you're still a human after all. For the second question, I managed to regain 5% of my original power which is a lot just from having sex with humans' Liza explained and revealed her current power percentage

'Huh? Just five percent??... How much do you need to recreate your physical body?' Alex exclaimed in surprise, he wasn't expecting it to be this low

'Yes, it's just five percent, but for a noble pure-blooded powerful creature like me, 5% is a huge amount of power. However, I need about 50% percent of power to be able to recreate my body, it's not something you can do easily, most normal succubuses needs 100% of their powers to recreate their physical body' Liza declared proudly.

Alex remembered reading from the books which Liza showed him in her memories that all creatures of hell are immortal and when they die they just become ghost and roam in hell since they can't enter heaven.

'50%... It's a lot, you still need a lot more' Alex softly murmured.

'Yes, so please keep helping me' Liza said in a begging tone.

'Sure, but it's not like I'm getting nothing from helping you, I **ed three girls in less than 24 hours and one of them was my crush, I never thought I would do that in my whole life, so you have my thanks' Alex smile and patted Erin's head.

Despite having an important conversation with Liza, Alex didn't avert his attention from his woman, Erin was still sucking his dick happily and trying to take all down her throat.

'Thanks! Let's keep helping each other!' Liza happily said.

"Huff...Haff... Master, please...ravage my throat' Erin pulled out Alex's meaty rod from her mouth while breathing heavily and revealed her lusty desire.

'Damn...she really calls me 'Master' so shamelessly, her personality changed a lot' Alex murmured as he stared down at Erin who was on her fours, jiggling her butt around like a puppy while licking his dragon's eggs lewdly.

'Yes! It's normal, she tasted the heavenly pleasure you provided her, and she will always want more, Not only that, you also enslaved her lust and bonded it to you, she belongs to you, and she will only release her lust and desire to you' Liza chuckled.

'So don't disappoint her and be her absolute Master, also ravage her throat already!' Liza added.

Alex slowly moved his hand to Erin's cheeks and as Erin guessed.


He slapped her cheek softly and immediately shoved two fingers in her mouth.

"Open your mouth wide" Alex calmly said as his fingers stretched her lips.

Erin gazed up lovingly at Alex while opening her mouth widely and stretching her tongue out like a dog. Her eyes were glowing with lust and suddenly a small pink heart appeared on her pupils making them look so appealing.

'What the hell is that....' Alex uttered as he saw the pink hearts in Erin's eyes, he was surprised but also amazed by how pretty it was.

'That's a good sign! Those small, lovely hearts appear when lust reaches its peak-level! She totally lost it now' Liza explained.

"Master~" Erin moaned as her patience started running out.

Alex stared at the obscene Erin, pointed his cock at her widely open mouth and slowly shoved his whole cock inside, stretching Erin's lips to their limit and penetrating her throat.

Slurp... Slurp... Slurp

Wet slurping noises can be heard everything time Alex pushed his abdomen back and forth.

After a few minutes, Alex firmly held Erin's head with both of his hands and started swinging his hips faster, ravaging Erin's throat without any mercy.

"Ohmnhhhggff...Aghhghfff...Huggfff~" Erin moaned in pleasure as she tried to breathe, Alex was going so rough on her, closing all her air canals with his thick cock.

Even after hearing Erin's out of breath moans, he didn't slow down, but increased his speed without caring about her.

Erin truly loved that behavior, she loved when Alex ravaged her without any mercy, every time Alex thrust his meat rod inside her mouth leaving only his balls out, she felt waves of pleasure going through her whole body.


The slurping noises didn't decrease, it just got louder and slipperier as Alex began getting rougher.

Erin's fat buttocks wiggled every time Alex forces his dick inside her mouth, making her whole body shake in pleasure.

After a few minutes of throat ravaging, Alex's dick began throbbing inside Erin's mouth, informing both of them that he was about to cum.

Alex soon started getting faster as he felt his semen coming through his pelvis canal. He wrapped his hand behind her head and moved it back and forth in sync with his thrusts.

Soon, Alex felt that he can no longer bare it and couldn't delay it anymore, and finally he cummed.

Streams of his white thick semen went down her throat, but Erin couldn't swallow it all and lots of it forcefully dripped out of her mouth.

"You did a great job, Erin" Alex smiled and patted Erin's head with his hand and caressed it after.

After feeling Alex's palm on her head and hearing him call her by her name, Erin glanced up at him while still struggling to swallow his cum with his dick still in her mouth, but her blue glowing eyes with pink small heart conveyed what she was feeling at that moment.

Chapter end

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