I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – My Master

My Master

Erin slowly and gently sucked on Alex's meat rod, but that wasn't enough for Alex. He wanted to ravage her as much as possible. He tightly took hold of her head and started to ** her face without control.

Slurp… Slurp… Slurp!

Wet lewd sounds came out of Erin's mouth every time Alex forced his dick back and forth in her throat.

Alex wasn't cumming anytime soon, but he was aggressive from the start, despite that Erin didn't complain or resist; she submissively hugged his lower body while letting him ravage her throat.

His fat cock stretched her soft, misty lips to their limit. Looking at her mouth, he could see his wet brown stick going in and out of her mouth smoothly.

Erin's mouth formed an ellipse and her eyes became moist, along with sweat forming on her forehead and cheeks while Alex's rod sliding through her rosy lips, wet with her saliva.

In spite of have her throat getting ravaged so aggressively, Erin was having the best moments of her life. She loved this! Every time Alex shoves his entire fat-long cock into her throat and his big testicle sacks would slap her chin she felt so much pleasure down her spine.

Slurp... Slurp...Slurp

Seeing this girl's beautiful small face trying its best to suck his whole cock in, Alex could feel that sense of dominance endowing his body; he lessened his thrusting speed to let Erin finally rest and take a breath.


Erin tried to breathe while still gently sucking his cock on her own. But soon Alex pulled out, letting her breathe properly. His entire cock was soaked and dripping with her saliva.

"Good job, little girl"

Alex said with a satisfied look on his face, as he looked back at Erin, who was on her knees breathing heavily.

After letting her rest for a little bit, Alex started ravaging her throat again. He grabbed her face from both sides with his hands and pointed his cock at her mouth. Erin obediently opened her mouth widely to receive his cock again.

Alex slowly launched his rod inside her mouth and went down her throat. He could feel the texture of her slippery lips slithering down his foreskin, the heat in her reddened ears and cheeks, as he pressed them with his palms, moving her head and his own hips in sync.

Erin's mind was getting cloudy with Alex's fat cock going in and out of her mouth. But she slowly started getting adapted to it. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and sucked his cock in sync.

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

Wet slurping noises loudly echoed in Alex's ears. He never expected that someday he would make Erin, the quite girl, suck his dick so obediently. He also felt like he had changed a lot, but he couldn't pay attention to that at this moment.

At this moment, Erin was out of breath and instinctively tried taking a breath through her mouth, but her mouth was packed, and couldn't grasp any air. She stared up at the towering Alex who was carelessly thrusting his cock inside her mouth and tried to made noises to let him notice her.

"Mnngggh... hummmggh"

However, feeling her lips and jaws gotten so tight and her mouth became narrow on his cock, Alex instead pushed his hips rapidly. Erin looked up at him with teary eyes, but submissively let him ravage her throat.

Soon, His veiny fat cock throbbed inside her mouth, informing her that he will cum soon. Alex moved his hips faster while holding her face firmly. Shortly, a stream of thick white cum erupted out of his cock. He slowly bent his knees and drew Erin's head closer, cumming inside her throat.

Erin's eyes opened wide, as she tasted the sweet, sticky fluid that was streaming down her throat. Because she had been struggling to breathe for a while, she unintentionally swallowed a lot of it, and the remaining streamed down her lips and trickled down from her chin.

"Ahggh...**... " Alex groaned and pulled out his wet cock out of Erin's sticky lips.

At that moment, Erin was finally able to breathe, she quickly inhaled air and exhaled it heavily, while Alex's white fluid streamed down her chin. She stared at Alex as if she was staring at a god.

'Wow! You did a great job! You should really make her call you, Master! I'm sure she will do it if you go rough with her' Liza blurted.

'Master? That sounds good, but she is older than me.'

'Yes, she is a year older, but that doesn't mean you can't dominate her and make her call you master.' Liza chuckled.

Looking at Erin's lustful eyes, Alex thought about what Liza said, he then moved his hand and gripped her jaw strongly and his fingers sank in her chubby cheeks, then he slapped her with the other hand.

"Who am I?" Alex questioned her expressionlessly after he slapped her plump cheek.

"Ahghff... Ahh.. A-Alex" Erin answered in a low voice while breathing gravely.

She was right, but that wasn't the answer Alex wanted to hear. He slapped her strongly once again, and asked the same question.

"Who am I?"

"Ahhh... Mnnnffh... hah!... Alex..." Erin breathe heavily as Alex smacked her cheek. She never averted her lustful eyes away from Alex's, and kept staring at him passionately.

Once again, it wasn't the answer Alex was expecting. He raised her chin up and fixed his eyes on hers, then strongly slapped her for the third time, and asked again.


"Who am I !" Alex asked in a loud voice while glaring at her with a dissatisfied face.

"Aghffff...Omghff.. M-My… Umghh... M-Master" Erin finally blurted out what Alex and Liza were waiting to hear. Her eyes were spinning and her head got cloudy. She breathed heavily as she stared at Alex with eyes filled with lust, she was finally and completely drowned in lust.

"Very well. Strip now" Alex ordered Erin to take off her clothes. She didn't say 'Master' properly as he wanted, but he didn't want to force any further since he was sure she would say by her will later.

Erin took off her white blouse along with her skirt, leaving herself only in her unexpectedly lewd black lingerie, she slowly took them off too, revealing her beautiful hot body. Her soft plump breasts bounced as she took off her bra revealing her erected pink nipples, and also her shaved wet pink flower, it was so wet and dripping with juices more than last time, along with a beautiful and lusful pink womb tattoo above it, the exact same as Anna has.

Looking at Alex's aroused face, Erin submissively kneeled down, and took off Alex's half removed pants.

Alex was mesmerized by her body, she had more fat than the other girls but still had a curvy body and a thin waist, it was perfect as if it was made just for sex. His fat cock already regained his energy and became hard again.

As a result, Alex approached her and held her tight up, pointed his fat dick at her wet pussy and then suddenly shoved it all in her.

"Ahhhhh!" Erin let out a loud sweet moan as Alex's cock penetrated her hole.

He held her other thigh and carried her while his entire dick was filling her pussy, she quickly warpped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his chest while moaning softly.

Alex held her from her fat ass and as he expected, his fingers immediately sank in her soft flesh. He raised her ass up until his dick almost came out of her hole, but before that happens, he roughly drew her ass back in; making his whole fat long cock plugged in her pussy, hitting her womb and stretching all her meat walls.


Erin opened her eyes wide and moaned loudly while she trying to catch air, she wasn't virgin, but Alex's dick was the biggest dick she ever took, not only that, Alex did not activate any of his pleasure doubling skills as he did with Alice and Anna. she felt pain more than she did in her first. Fortunately for a person like her, pain equals pleasure.

Alex slowly started pulling her ass up and down on his cock making her moan in pain and pleasure at the same time.

"Ahh! Ahh~ Ahh~" Erin moaned continuosly, as she held Alex's neck firmly with her small hands.

She was slowly getting corrupted with Alex's fat cock. She was feeling pain, but also so much pleasure. She looked down and saw Alex's meat rod penetrating her wet pussy smoothly.

Erin squirted uncountably while Alex was ravaging her throat and also squirted immediately just after Alex rammed his thick long dick in her, her juices were literally dripping on the floor.


Wet slapping sounds were made every time Alex's dick slid in Erin's wet pussy and whenever her buttocks smacked against Alex thighs.

"Ahghh...Ahhh~ Mhhhgh~ M-Master, h-harder... Ahhh!...please..."

Chapter end

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