I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – My first woman

My first woman

Anna licked every drop of cum from her chin and Alex's cock shamelessly.

"That was so good..." Alex patted Anna's head with his hand.

Anna happily smiled at Alex and then slowly went and laid on the couch like a dead person and making her fat ass jiggle.

Anna was so exhausted from all the rough pounding Alex gave her, but she was absolutely satisfied!

Alex remained sitting on the couch and rested while closing his eyes, he was tired too, but not like when he did it with Alice.

'How was I?' Alex asked Liza about his performance since she was a succubus and knows well about those things.

'You did pretty well for your second time!'

'Thanks, that was pretty satisfying, I finally feel some relaxation within my dick' Alex smiled satisfyingly while still closing his eyes.

'Yes, but you forgot to activate [Lust Enslavement Kiss] on her which would make her completely yours' Liza reminded Alex of his incubus skill.

'Like a slave? I don't want to have a slave' Alex said with an awkward tone, he wasn't someone who support slavery and into it.

'No, she won't be your actual slave! She will have free will, It's different, it will enslave her lust and desires to you. She won't and can no longer have any sexual intercourse or even think about it with other men except you, that also will make her lewder with you. So slightly like a sex slave' Liza elaborated and tried to convince him.

'I understand now, if it's like that then I'm down for it, I don't want to share my women with others. So should just I kiss her normally?'

'Yes, activate your skill and kiss her'

Alex opened his eyes and looked at the laying Anna, her butt cheeks were still red from his spanks, he slowly spanked her fat buttock lightly and without saying anything.

"Ahh~" Anna let out a soft moan but didn't turn around or look at Alex and kept laying down on her stomach.

Again Alex gave her a light spank on her other buttock but receive no reply from her other than a soft sweet moan.

For the third time, he spanked her ass a little harder than the previous times, and he finally got a reply.

"Ahh~ Please, spank me harder please~ Just one more time~" Anna said in a perverted tone, then lifted her butt up and wiggled it around like a puppy.

Alex raised his hand above his head and then.


"Ahhhhhh! I–It feels the b–best!" Anna moaned so loudly as he spanked her fat, soft buttock. Alex made her butt red like a tomato, and that finally made her turn around.

Alex looked at her with a calm expression, he said nothing and just tapped with his hand on his lap.

Anna quickly understood what he wants and happily sat on his lap, her fat and heavy buttocks pressed against his fat limp cock and bare thighs.

Alex then proceed by holding her waist carefully with his left hand and groping her chin with his right hand and slowly kissing and sucking her lips.

He felt that a strong bond between them was being formed; he felt connected with her more than ever!

After kissing passionately for a few minutes, they parted away their lips from each other, Anna breathed heavily and stared lovingly at Alex.

'Look down at her crotch, you will be amazed!' Liza uttered with an excited tone which made Alex so curious.

'A S–Succubus t–tattoo??!' Alex surprisingly blurted when he looked at Anna's crotch.

A pink heart-shaped womb tattoo with two small bat wings coming out of it! Alex immediately recognized the tattoo, he watched a decent amount of hentai and saw those kinds of those tattoos many times, succubuses and demon girls usually had them.

'Yes, isn't it pretty and lustful? It is a just mark that signifies that this woman belongs to you, don't worry, no human can see it other than you' Liza explained.

'Yes, it looks nice, I like it...' Alex said after he calmed himself a little.

Anna noticed Alex's change in expression after he looked at her private region.

"What's wrong? Do you want to ** me again?" Anna said with a lewd smile and bite and slightly licked her bottom lip.

"I would love to, but it's getting late, We have been **ing for over 30 minutes already, also I don't want someone to catch us **ing."

Alex still had enough energy for one or two more rounds, but he was still worried about getting caught. He can't hear if people are in the hallway since Liza's soundproof barrier was on and even if he could hear them that can't stop them from trying to enter, especially the cleaning staff since they have the key to the room.

Also, Alex was considerate about Anna, he doesn't want to go hard on her since it was her first time. He was sure she didn't feel any pain when he was **ing her brains out, but that doesn't mean her pussy won't get torn apart if he **s her more aggressively.

"Okay, I'm pretty satisfied now, but I would love to get **ed by your long thick dick every day~" Anna said with a rosy face along with a provocative smile, and then she stood up, went to grab her clothes, and started wearing them.

Alex got up too and started wearing his clothes back while looking at Anna putting her clothes back, her body was so hot and attractive. She was struggling to pull up her black leggings back because of her huge ass.

"You seriously have a fat ass, I can't stop looking at it..." Alex commented as he kept looking at Anna's ass shamelessly.

"Really? It belongs to you… you can look as much as you want~" Anna said with a flushed face, but her face still had that lewd perverted smile.

Anna knew nothing about the enslavement kiss, but suddenly Alex became someone very special to her, she felt so connected with him and even felt that she belong to him.

Ding Ding~

Anna's phone buzzed suddenly, notifying her that she received a message.

She lifted her phone from the orange couch and checked it

"Alice is looking for me, I have to go now." Anna said as she smiled slightly at Alex.

"Okay, but can you give me your number? I will need to contact you in the future" Alex asked calmly Anna for her phone number.

"I was going to ask you, but I'm glad you asked first! Yes sure, here" Anna said with excitement as she showed Alex her phone.

Alex quickly typed in her number on his phone and registered it in his contact. It was his first time having a girl's phone number.

"Thanks, Anna, see you later" Alex said with a sweet smile, he was going out of the room too, but Anna went out first.

Alex walked into the hallway and headed to the library to return the book as he planned before, but lust blinded him, and end up **ing Anna.

'So when are you **ing the library's girl?' Liza chuckled.

Chapter end

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