I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Heavenly Pleasure

Heavenly Pleasure

Alex looked at Anna with a devilish grin as he took his shirt off.

Anna stood up from the orange couch, and lust filled her emerald-like eyes. She also took off her hoodie and revealed her big breasts as Alex approached her.

Then they started kissing so fiercely again, and even more passionate than before, without caring about anything else other than each other's lips.

Unlike Alice, Anna wasn't a shy woman. She was embarrassed after kissing Alex yesterday and had a hard time facing him since it was her first kiss but remembering that Alex kissed and touched her body so passionately just a few seconds ago made her drown in her lust, she no longer felt embarrassed or shy.

After kissing passionately for a couple of minutes, Alex started making his moves, he wrapped his arm around her back and undid her sexy blue bra.

Her bra immediately fell to the ground and revealing her smooth soft breasts and pink erected nipples.

Alex was astonished by how perfect Anna's breasts looked, he moved his hands towards them, and his fingers immediately sank deep into her soft flesh as he aggressively held her milkers.

Anna has large breasts, so Alex thought they will be hard as a rock like some porn actress breasts he saw online, but to his surprise, her big melons were so soft and warm more than he expected.

"Hmmm~" Anna let out a sweet moan as Alex held her boobs roughly.

Alex was taller than Anna, so he slowly leaned down to Anna's lustful face and sucked her lips as he played with her big melons.

"Alex~..." Anna felt her lust reaching its peak. She leaned closer to Alex while shaking her thighs simultaneously.

Seeing Anna's lewd needy face made him push her to the couch, then pulled down her black tight leggings and panties to remove them.

He finally saw her clean, hairless pink pussy. It was overflowing with juices. He bent down and went to lick Anna's pink pussy lips, which made her let out loud moans.

"Ahh~ Hmmh~ Ahh~ "

Anna cried out louder and louder as he licked and sucked her pussy lips and clit. Then Alex used his fingers to spread open her sensitive cave and stuck his tongue in her small wet hole.

'So tight' Alex exclaimed as his tongue explored Anna's wet pussy walls.

"Mmmmmmh~, Aggggh~, Hngggh~, Hyaaa~, aaaaah~ it feels so… good~" Anna's moaned loudly in pleasure while holding Alex's head firmly and pushing him into her pussy.

The high-pinched moans and the wet sucking and licking slurps joined as if they were some hymns, flowing through the small room and ringing in Alex's ears.

Alex was eating Anna's swollen pussy lips while she held his head and grasped his black smooth hair.

"Mumm… You have such a sweet, tasty pussy" Alex said as he licked all over her pink cave and that made Anna cry out in pleasure.

"Annnhhhh~! I'm cumminggg~" Anna orgasmed, Her pussy walls twitched continuously, making her passage tighter. Alex stopped licking her insides and went on to the main dish.

Alex pulled down his pants and his underwear and removed them.

Anna didn't realize that Alex was standing naked in front of her because she was looking up at the ceiling while breathing heavily after she just orgasmed. But suddenly she felt a hot burning big rod placed on her stomach and she had to look.


Alex was proud of his big brother, seeing Anna's shocked expression after she saw his big brother made him smile proudly.

"Do you want it or not?" Alex asked with a smile, but his eyes were glowing with lust.

Alex was sure that Anna was a virgin, she went to the same schools as Alice, single-sex schools, also she announced herself yesterday after kissing him it was her first kiss.

So Alex had to follow the tradition and ask for her permission before he rams his dick inside her cave.

"Yes, but please be gentle, it's my first time..." Anna said with a sweet voice that contained lust in it.

After hearing Anna's approval, he adjusted her body and made her lay comfortably on her back on the large orange couch.

Alex slowly pointed his big brother at her wet hole and rubbed his glans against it.

"Come on~" Anna moaned out softly with a begging tone.

Hearing her plead for his dick, Alex slowly pushed his big brother into her pussy.

'It's so tight!' Alex exclaimed.

After feeling resistance, Alex stopped pushing his dick any further as Anna winced, he leaned down to her and kissed her lips.

"Don't worry, I promise it won't hurt" Alex assured Anna with a calm tone.

After hearing Alex's words, Anna felt relaxed.

Alex activated both of his skills; [Touch of Pleasure] and [Heavenly Rod] to make sure she doesn't feel any pain.

(Go back to Chapter 14 for skills description)

He gently placed his hand on her stomach and caressed it, Alex could see the pleasure in Anna's face every time he rubbed her belly.

After feeling that Anna was fully relaxed, Alex pushed with all his might. He felt his dick piercing through her hymen.


As he expected, Anna moaned in pleasure before wrapping her arms around his back.

Alex almost came after ramming his dick into Anna's tight pussy if it wasn't for his skill [Orgasm Master] which give him full control of his orgasms. His dick was throbbing consistently since he was in the class, he was holding himself for hours.

Not only that, Her tight and slippery walls wrapped around his dick felt so heavenly.

Without wasting any more time, Alex started thrusting back and forth, his dick into Anna's tight cave.

As Alex was thrusting, kissing Anna's lips, and pinching her pink erected nipples with his fingers, she moaned so loudly in pleasure and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Wet noises and Anna's soft moans roamed the room every time Alex pushed his hips forth.

"Ah~ Ah~ Ah~"

Anna moaned every second, and her pitch became higher every time as she hugged Alex and cried out as he nailed her pussy.

"Ahhh~ Annnh~ Mrm~ Ahhh~"

After thrusting his waist back and forth for a few minutes, Alex couldn't delay his ejaculation anymore, his dick started throbbing and twitching as he pounds Anna's pussy with it.

Soon, he quickly pulled out his big brother and started rubbing it with his hands.

Anna felt Alex's dick throbbing inside her, and she knew he would ejaculate soon. As Alex pulled his dick from her pussy, Anna quickly reacted and took the glans inside her mouth.

The sudden action of Anna surprised Alex, but he couldn't care about it as he was cumming in her mouth.

"Argh yea..." Alex groaned as he shot long streams of cum down Anna's throat.

White milk dripped from Anna's chin, she orgasmed while sucking his dick, drinking his sweet delicious cum. She had never felt this pleasure.

"Damn..." Alex said with a pleasant look as he stared at Anna milking his dick.

He patted her head as she sucked his dick dry. After cumming, Alex's dick was limp. However, after getting sucked for a few seconds, he quickly got hard again in her mouth.

After his dick got fully erected again, Anna turned around, kneeled on all fours, lifted her butt, and started wiggling it around like a puppy who wants its owner's lover

"Come on~ Please do me from me behind~" Anna said with a begging tone as she spread her buttocks with her hand and revealed her pink holes.

Alex was dumbfounded by Anna's bold actions, he knows she wasn't shy as Alice, but she quickly turned into a pervert who begs to be **ed.

Alex didn't dislike her perverted act, he actually loved it, he smiled at Anna who was wiggling and shaking her big ass while waiting for his long thick dick.

"Sure...." Alex said with a pleasant smile as he pointed his dick into Anna's tight cave.

Chapter end

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