I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – It's playtime

It's playtime

Alex made eye contact with her young female teacher as both of them went to their places, Alex sat on an empty seat while his teacher stood behind her desk.

"Hello everyone, I hope you are doing fine, let's start the lesson" The teacher announced to the present students.

Her name was Jane, most students call her Miss Jane, she was still a young and newly graduated teacher, and it was her first year teaching.

'I don't know why, but she is giving me a slut vibes, I can smell the scent of cum from her' Liza said with her sweet-sounding voice.

Jane was a beautiful hot woman, she had an innocent-looking face with a pair of extremely beautiful honey-like eyes perfectly matched with her long brown hair flowing down to her waist. Not only that, her body was lusciously hot, she always wore white tight blouses that made her big breasts noticeable from a distance, along with her big rounded ass that was barely covered by her short black skirt.

Alex's seat was far away from her, but with his strong nose, Alex was also able to smell cum scent coming from her.

'Maybe she had sex with her boyfriend before she came here' Alex replied to Liza's statement.

'I don't think so, If you focused well, you will be able to smell two different cum scents of her, she got creampied by two different men before she came here' Liza said.

Alex closed his eyes, and he was able to smell two different scents coming from her, just like Liza said.

'Yes, you're right, her face looks innocent, but her body is definitely dirty, I don't know why but that makes me horny' Alex said as his big brother started getting choked in his pants.

'How cute, she's mature, and her body is well-developed, and you have a super libido, so it's normal, however, I think you should make this slutty woman yours' Liza said with a chuckle.

His teacher Jane's rounded ass was bouncing, and her buttocks almost comes out of her tight black skirt every time she writes something on the board. Alex was having a hard time dealing with his big brother while he was looking at his teacher's obscene body.

The time passed slowly for Alex as he was trying so hard to bend down his lust.

Finally, the lesson ended, and the students started getting out, but Alex kept his eyes on Jane and her hot body, he would go ** her now If she wasn't teaching another class after.

Jane noticed Alex's staring at her with eyes filled with lust and winked at him before she went out.

Alex also got out of the classroom and went to the bathroom to wash his face.

He couldn't focus on today's lesson as his only focus was on his teacher's body.

'You should probably go ** the library's girl instead, you still didn't return the book too' Liza suggested.

'Yes, that's a good idea' Alex said with a smile on his face as he couldn't hold his desires anymore.

Alex went to the library, it was on the second floor, as he was going up the stairs, he saw Anna in front of him; she was wearing a white hoodie and very tight black leggings, her hoodie didn't cover her big juicy ass at all while she was walking up the stairs.

Her ass always looked so delicious with those tight leggings that she always wore, Alex could see her well-rounded big ass wiggling and bouncing while going up the stairs, which made Alex even more aroused.

'I want to ** her now!' Alex declared as he couldn't bear it anymore.

He immediately activated [Incubus Zone], but Anna was over three meters far, he increased his climbing pace to make Anna enter his zone.

As soon he was three meters away from her, suddenly Anna stopped walking, she was getting hot and aroused, but she didn't show much of a reaction as she sensed someone was behind her.

She quickly turned her head back to look.

"Alex! W–what are you doing here?" Anna was surprised, she was still feeling embarrassed from yesterday's kiss.

"You kissed me suddenly and without my permission yesterday, and now it's my turn" Alex said with a sweet smile as he climbed the stairs and got near to her.

"I–I'm sorry—" before Anna could finish her sentence, Alex's lips shut her mouth.

Anna didn't resist or dodge Alex's kiss, she closed her eyes and kissed him back; it seems that she stopped holding herself back anymore; she was hugging and touching him all over, at the same time, kissing his soft lips so fiercely.

Alex kissed Anna's luscious pink lips fiercely and passionately back, then slowly inserted his tongue in her mouth.

Feeling Alex's tongue conquering her mouth, Anna's tongue had to defend back, she collided her tongue with Alex's and played with it.

Alex wrapped both of his arms around Anna's waist and stuck her body against his.

Then he moved one of his hands to explore her back under her hoodie, enjoying her warmth and touching her smooth skin.

After that, Alex slowly slid his other hand down to her big, rounded butt.

He continued kissing Anna, colliding his tongue with hers while roughly groping and massaging her juicy butt, making her moan while kissing him. Her butt felt so soft and warm, that it made Alex want to touch them without her leggings on.

Then he slid his hand underneath her black tight leggings and finally touched her bare ass, it felt better. Alex could feel the warmth and softness of her ass way better than before, after groping and massaging her bare big ass for a while.

Alex slid his hand even further down until he was able to feel and touch her wet pussy and slowly rubbed it with his fingers.

Anna looked like she was enjoying everything as she was pressing her body harder against his and kissed him passionately.

But Liza's declaration interrupted Alex's hot, passionate moment.

'I'm sorry for interrupting, but I can hear someone is coming'

Alex slowly parted away his lips from Anna's forming a saliva line between their lips.

Then he gripped her hand with his hands, they went upstairs, and he took her to the cleaning staff room, the same room he had sex with Alice in.

They both entered, Alex softly pushed Anna to the orange couch and made her slowly sit there on it.

He turned around and locked the door, then turned back, faced Anna, took his shirt off, and said with a devilish smile.

"It's playtime"

Chapter end

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