I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – How about we blackmail the blackmailer?

How about we blackmail the blackmailer?

"You're carrying some great melons, Anna" Alex chucked as he looked at Jake's phone.

It was a picture of Anna's breasts with her bra on, her breasts were so big, they looked like they were about to spill out of her black bra.

Alex could tell that it was her first time sending a nude picture, because she was stupid enough to include her face in a nude photo.

It is dangerous to send a nude photo with your face on it, as it might get leaked and published online, hundreds of nude photos gets leaked online every day destroying others lives. It seemed Anna was naive and didn't think about such a possibility.

Jake also looked like a nice guy, he was a tall and handsome with a good athletic body, of course girls wouldn't even think that such a prefect guy like him might blackmail with their photos.

"Who are you...? Alex the freak? You look so different, did you get a plastic surgery to hide your ugly face or what?" Jake said with a grin after he saw Alex, he wasn't worried a bit about Alex seeing him blackmailing a girl, he knows that he can easily beat and silence him.

Alex's charm doesn't work on males, but he still looked handsomer than before.

"I never knew you are desperate to the extent of blackmailing a girl for sex, You probably have a small wiener, and no girl wants to sleep with you unless you force them to. What an asshole" Alex said with a disgusting look on his face.

"Shut up, freak! She is my girlfriend, this doesn't have anything to do with you!" Jake angrily replied to Alex's mockery.

"I don't think she will want to be your girlfriend anymore, I mean, who would want to date a pervert?" Alex said, with a mocking smile, he was trying to make Jake angry to the point of attacking him.

It didn't take long before Jake started running towards Alex with the intention to punch him, but as soon as he reached Alex, suddenly his whole body hit the ground.

Seeing Jake advance towards him swiftly and carelessly, Alex smiled, dodged Jake's punch and quickly placed his leg on Jake's way, since Jake was running so swiftly, it made him trip and hit the ground so hard.

"Dumbass" Alex chuckled as he looked at Jake's back.

Alex didn't like Jake, and now it felt that he was having revenge for all what he did to him, he was also confident that he can beat Jake, thanks to Liza, his senses and body got stronger.

But soon Jake stood up, tripping him was not enough to stop, he just got angrier.

Jake's face was red as a tomato, he was so angry and pissed off, but this time instead of running towards Alex carelessly like before, he walked hurriedly towards him.

"It looks like, even a dumbass like you, can learn from their mistakes" Alex stayed in his place while mocking Jake.

Suddenly a punch was heading towards Alex's face, it was coming so fast, but for Alex it was slow, his eyes got stronger and better than normal humans, he was able to see Jake's punch in slow motion.

But instead of dodging it this time, Alex stopped it with his left hand, then raised his right hand.


Alex smacked Jake's face with the back of his right hand.


Another hit fell on Jake's face, and after a few more smacks, Alex stopped, because Jake was going to faint if he received one smack on his face.

Jake's face was so red, but this time it wasn't because he was angry.

Alex let go of Jake's arm, and he immediately fell on his knees.

'You went so hard on him, he deserves it but don't forget you're stronger than him, you might kill someone if you hit so hard.' Liza chuckled after seeing Jake on his knees.

Alex nodded his head, looked at Jake's phone for a few seconds, and then turned in Anna's direction.

Anna was so impressed by how strong Alex was even though Jake had a well-built body and goes to the gym three times a week, the weak Alex that spends most of his studying still humiliated him.

Alex walked towards her and handed her Jake's phone, it was unlocked.

"Delete your things out of his phone and also delete every girl's nude photo you find, I'm sure you are not his first victim" Alex said with a calm voice.

Anna took the phone and did what Alex told her.

Then Alex turned around and walked to Jake, who was on his knees.

"How about we blackmail the blackmailer?" Alex said with a grin.

Jake was in a miserable state, one photo of his humiliated face was enough to make him lose his reputation and even get bullied and mocked by other students.

Alex took out his phone and took some pictures.

He wasn't planning on posting those photos, but it was just another layer of protection if Jake decided to mess with him and Anna.

'I have an idea! I can make sure he will never mess with you up again in his entire life!' Liza said with an excited tone.

Alex was curious about Liza's idea, so he nodded his head in approval.

'Make the girl Anna doesn't see this! Lift his head and make him look at your face!'

Alex turned his head around and saw Anna busy with deleting sensitive photos from Jake's and not paying attention to them, then Alex lifted Jake's chin up, his eyes were barely open and blood was coming out of his nose.

'Okay now, it's showtime' Liza said with a grin.

Alex didn't see any difference in him nor in Jake's expression.

But suddenly, Jake's eyes opened widely like he just saw a demon in front of him, before he could even scream out, he fainted as his pants were getting wet in his crotch area.

"What did you do to him??!" Alex's murmured under his breath with a surprised expression, but it was audible to Liza.

'Just scared him a little' Liza said with a chuckle.

"A little, you say? He literally peed his pants" Alex murmured again with a complicated expression, he was not expecting Liza to "scare" him.

'It was just a small trick, I changed your face to a demon's face for a second. I'm pretty sure he will be fine, so don't worry' Liza explained what she did to Jake.

Alex nodded with a complicated expression, he was curious about how demons looks like, but he also was worried he might pee his pants like Jake.

Alex stood up and snapped one more photo of Jake, he was more miserable now, his pants were wet by his pee, blood was flowing out of his nose, white foam was coming out of the corners of his mouth, and his cheeks were swollen and red, If anyone saw him now, they won't probably believe that this guy is the handsome and the sportive Jake.

After Anna finished deleting all the sensitive content off Jake's phone, she came to where Alex was standing.

"Alex, I deleted Everythin—... W–What did you do to him?!... Ew he peed his pants!" Anna had a disgusting expression in her face, but along with worried and concerned eyes.

She wasn't worried about Jake, she was worried about Alex, people might find out about this incident or Jake might tell others, and he will get in trouble or even get suspended for using violence in the campus.

"Don't worry, he won't tell anyone, he is too prideful to announce that he got beaten by me, also no one comes here, so it's fine, he will wake soon anyway" Alex replied to Anna's unasked questions like he read her mind

Alex took a bottle of water from his backpack and splashed some water on Jake's face, soon he started recovering his consciousness, then Alex took his phone from Anna's hand and placed it in his pocket.

"Let's go" Alex said as he stood up, and he started walking away with Anna.

Chapter end

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