I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – You're carrying some great melons

You're carrying some great melons

The girl kept staring at Alex with a complicated expression, he was different from before, his face got 10 times more handsome!

But soon she became expressionless and somehow sad.

Alex saw the saddens in her expression, he felt that she had some problems.

"Thanks, but I already ate lunch" The girl said as she sat down beside Alice on the bench.

She was beautiful and attractive, and she was also popular like Alice, but somehow Alex forgot her name, he was hoping Alice mention her name when she talks.

"I'm really sorry, Anna, I was in... the library with Alex" Alice couldn't tell Anna that she was getting **ed by Alex in the cleaning stuff room, but since the library was right beside it, Alice quickly thought of it.

"The library? But you don't usually go to the library, don't you study at home with the help of your big sister?" Anna asked with a confused expression.

Alice got startled as she couldn't find an answer to Anna's questions. Anna knows Alice very well, they are best friends since primary school, they went to the same middle school and high school, and even lived and still live in the same area.

Seeing Alice's startled face, Alex had to step in, so it doesn't get more awkward.

"I apologize, Anna, it's because of me, I asked for her help with a book, Alice is a clever and a reliable girl, so I decided to ask her for help" Alex said with a calm expression, he used the same excuse he used on Lily when she found him with Erin in the library.

"She helped you? Aren't you smarter than her? You're one of the top students in your department." Unlike Lily, Anna didn't react as Lily and kept a calm expression when Alex called her by her name.

Alex was one of the top students academically, without having any friends to hang out with, he studied in most of his free time.

"Well being academically smart doesn't mean I know everything, and I'm not smarter than Alice" Alex said with a determined look that made Anna out of words.

Alice was sitting between them and her face was flushing red, she didn't expect Alex to praise her. He lied about where they were and what they were doing, but a praise is still a praise.

"What's wrong? Do you have a fever or what?" Anna placed her hand on Alice's forehead after she saw Alice red face.

"N–No I'm fine..." Alice denied quickly.

"Are you sure?" Alex decided to ask, despite that he knows that Alice was just blushing because he praised her.

"Your face looks so red, are you okay?" Anna said with a concerned tone, she wasn't faking it like Alex.

Receiving many questions and being on the spotlight, Alice decided to escape from this embarrassing moment.

"I–I'm sorry, I need to go to the bathroom" Alice quickly stood up and hurriedly walked towards the bathrooms area.

Soon, Alice's figure disappeared as she turned around the building.

Anna sighed as she looked at the blue sky, she truly had a lot of things bothering her.

Alex was hesitant to ask her, he didn't want to be nosy in other's life.

But soon the problem was slowly getting revealed, a blonde guy with blue eyes, wearing a blue football jersey was walking towards them. His name was Jake, one of the most popular guy in the campus, he was popular because of his handsomeness and athletic body.

Alex knows him, he was a jerk, the typical bully, he heard him many times mocking his eyes and calling him a freak, also he always saw him bully weak students and steal their money. Alex hated those kinds of people, but he was powerless to do anything about it.

"Son of a bitch" Anna softly murmured under her breath. Alex was able to hear clearly what she said.

Anna gazed at the guy with eyes full of hatred, but soon she stood up, and her expression turned back to normal.

"I'm sorry, Alex, I need to go now, my boyfriend is waiting for me" Anna said with a calm expression, but no matter how calm her expression, Alex could see the anger and the sadness in her eyes.

"O–Okay, see you later" Alex was surprised that Anna was dating such a jerk, but from Anna reaction after she saw Jake, Alex knew that Anna wasn't happy about this relationship.

Soon, Anna met her boyfriend, and they started walking in the blinding.

Alex sighed heavily.

After sitting for a couple more minutes, he stood up and went to the conference room. His lesson starts soon, and he had to attend it.


After two hours, Alex came out of the conference room, he was exhausted today, more than any day before, he had a kind of long day, he had many activities today.

Alex just lost his virginity today, but he didn't feel much of a difference between him being a virgin and being not a virgin, tasting the pleasure of sex just woke a huge desire inside him for more.

Alex walked towards the bathrooms to take a piss, but a soon he reached, he heard Jake's voice behind the males bathrooms.

He could hear what Jake was saying.

He entered the bathroom to pee normally while eavesdropping on Jake's conversation.

"Hey! Listen! You either have sex with me and let me play with your body, or I will spread your nude photo all over the internet!" Jake said angrily.

The curiosity got over Alex as he listened to Jake's conversation, Who sent him a nude photo, and now he was blackmailing them? Alex could only think of one person.

"But aren't you going too fast! We are dating for only one week! I refused to have sex with you because we are still not very familiar with each other!" As Alex expected, Anna stated with very angry tone.

"I was so **ing dumb to send you a nude photo! I thought it's would make you less horny and shut you up for a while, but I was wrong, it seems you have a dick instead of a brain!" Anna added as she yelled at Jake, but no one could hear them, except Alex.

"You **ing bitch! You're refusing me, me, Jake! Girls would beg just to suck my dick! I will make sure to post your nude photo on the internet and destroy your freaking life more." Jake yelled back as he threatened Anna with the photo in his phone.

He raised his phone above and showed her nude photo to her, Anna looked down bitterly, she was already having a lot of problems with her family, financial problems and now an asshole was blackmailing her for sex.

Out of a sudden, Jake's phone was taken from his hands.

"Oh, you're carrying some great melons, Anna"

Chapter end

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