I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Our first time [Part 2]

Our first time [Part 2]

"Anh...ughh~" Alice moaned as her pussy got penetrated.

As Alex expected, Alice was a virgin, and a lot of blood came out.

Alex had a feeling that Alice was a virgin because she announced before that she studied at a single-sex school in both middle school and high school.

Alex looked at Alice's face to make sure she was feeling alright, but when he looked at her face, she looked happy and satisfied.

Then, Alex looked at Alice's pink flower that was bleeding while his dick rammed in it, and then gazed at her face that showed no sign of pain; only a satisfied expression.

"Hey, Are you feeling okay?…" Alex asked with a concerned look on his face.

"Yes, I'm alright…" Alice answered his question with a calm voice.

"…. Does it hurt?" Alex questioned Alice again hesitantly.

"No, I don't know why, but I don't feel any pain, I feel so much relief with your hands on me."

Alex was trying to apprehend the reason Alice didn't feel any pain, maybe it was because of his hands or because of one of Liza's hidden skills.

"You can start moving…" Alice uttered in a low voice and averted her gaze to avoid making eye contact with Alice.

"Okay, I will be gentle."

Alex slowly shoved his big brother into Alice's pussy, but kept his eyes on her face.

So far, half of his dick successfully went into Alice's vagina.

Alex didn't want to shove his entire dick in, he was worried she may feel pain if he did he went rough.

However, Alice had a different opinion, she looked at Alex with a needy expression.

"You can move" Alice muttered in a low voice, but Alex heard her with his strong ears.

Alex started moving at a slow pace and thrusted his hips back and forth.

"Anh~ Nmhh~ Mnh~ It feels good~" Alice moaned sweetly every time Alex thrusted his dick in her.

As time passed, Alice's pink pussy widened, and Alice's cock went in it as deep as possible. Alice's pussy was so wet and slippery that Alex's cock could easily go in and out. But her pussy was still tight as a clenched fist.

The walls of Alice's pussy trapped his cock every time it tried to go deeper.

Alice had already orgasmed after a few minutes of having sex with Alex. However, that was just the start.

Seeing that Alice didn't feel any pain and only felt pleasure, Alex Slowly increased his thrusting speed as he got closer to ejaculating.

A few seconds later, Alex pulled out his dick quickly and released his load on Alice's stomach while some got over her face, he knew if he came inside that would get her pregnant. He cummed a lot, more than any time in his life.

Seeing how much semen came out of his dick even after he cummed once in Erin's throat, Alex knew it's something Liza had an explanation to, but he decided to leave those questions for later when they're alone.

Alice's body was trembling from pleasure as she breathed heavily, she looked at Alex with teary eyes.

"I want more, please…" Alice said while grasping for air and with no embarrassment.

Alex was slowly corrupting Alice, after tasting heavenly pleasure, she was turning her an innocent virgin girl to a lewd slutty girl.

Alex took a napkin that was in his hoodie pocket and wiped his cum from Alice's stomach and face.

"I also want more" Alex said as he picked up Alice in his and sat on the couch with his back leaning on it. Therefore, he placed Alice on his lap, facing him, and kissed her on the lips.

"Please, put it in quickly… I'm burning down there…" Alice said with teary eyes.

Alice leaned forward, pressed her soft breast on his chest, and hugged him.

But she hugged him, she moved her hips forward, and the glans of Alex's cock slipped inside her pussy.

"Mnh~!" Alice let out a soft sweet moan.

She had a sweet, cute voice, Alex was enjoying a lot of her moaning.

Alice buried Alex's face in her boobs tightly as she lowered her hips, Alex's dick was slowly entering her pink wet pussy.

Alex's dick stopped moving forward, Alice Looked down curiously, her pussy was already full of Alex's dick, but she felt it wasn't all in.

"Only half is inside of me. I want it all please..." Alice said with a desperate look on her face.

"You became such a lewd girl, I will punish you for that" Alex declared as he moved his hands to Alice's buttocks and grabbed them from behind.

His fingers immediately sank in her soft fat buttocks.

Then raised the with his hands and pulled her in to plunge his entire dick inside her pussy.

"Aghh~!" Alice let out a loud moan.

Alex started moving his hips back and forth as he held Alice ass with his hands.

"Aghh~ Mhn~ Oh my god, It's feels so good~!!" Alice couldn't hold her moans back as Alex's dick explored every spot of her cave.

But after moving his hips few a couple minutes, Alex stopped.

"Nmh~! Why did you stop? Please I want more~!" Alice begged Alex for more but he wasn't planning to do all the moving.

Alex was delighted as Alice begged more for his dick.

"If you want more then shake your hips for it" Alex said with a grin.

Alex knew that Alice tasted his heavenly pleasure and she will do anything to get more, so he wanted her to leave her innocent self while she is with him and participate properly when having sex.

Alice was quite confused at first, she never had sex before, so she didn't know how to do it, but Alex helped her get started, he placed his hands on her hips and guided her.

Alice slowly started moving back and forth at a steady pace, she placed her hands on Alex's shoulders for support and continued shaking her hips.

"Argh~ It's feels better in this position~ I can feel your dick ravaging my pussy~!" Alice said lewdly with a happy expression.

As Alice's was moving up and down, Alex's gaze fell on her bouncy soft breasts, they bounced up and down as Alice moved.

Alex couldn't hold his desire to play with them, he moved his hands towards them and touched them both with his hands, they felt so soft.

He started squeezing them, and playing with them, he moved his fingers around Alice's erected nipples, and pinched them.

He then leaned his head over Alice breasts.

He opened his mouth and started sucking her soft breasts and biting her nipples.

"Ahhhh~! oh no~ stop please~!" Alice let out a loud moan as she orgasmed, Alice's breasts and she couldn't hold it anymore, she orgasmed four times and she was satisfied.

She leaned her head on Alex's shoulder and stopped moving her hips.

"Are you tired? I will continue from here" Alex asked Alice as he started moving his hips slowly.

"Yes... I can't move an inch..." Alice said as she warpped her hands around Alex's head.

Alex was about to ejaculate if Alice didn't stop, he wanted to punish her for stopping middle way.

He gripped Alice's ass with his hands and started thrusting his dick inside her pussy roughly.

Alex thrusted his hips back and forth quickly without stopping, he wasn't planning to stop until he released every drop of his cum.

"Argh~ Ah~ eh~ Hmh~ Please slow down!, I'm so sensitive~" Alice moaned so loudly but Alex didn't stop.

After few deep thrust, Alex raised Alice's ass above and his dick got pulled out, he rubbed it with his hand and after few seconds, he released all his load on the floor.

When he looked at Alice, she looked so happy and satisfied.

Chapter end

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