I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – My Succubuses [Bonus Chapter]

My Succubuses [Bonus Chapter]

Unconsciously, both Alex and Rose slept, out of exhaustion, but also out of overloaded pleasure. It felt so great to the point of making their minds blurred, and also sleepy.

They didn't sleep for a long time though, it was only for like 30 minutes. However, their tiredness was faded a little at least. Alex still have a long day, and urgently, but importantly needed some energy, as he still got other things to do.


However, with unfinished business in his mind, Alex willingly began waking up. Before he **ed with Rose, he had only two hours before his part time job started.

It would be his second day on work, and he really didn't want to be late on it, like his first day, which was yesterday. Unexpected plans came, and he ended up sleeping with a succubus instead! It wasn't that bad, too.

Even though, he wasn't that worried about it, as he could only care about the beautiful woman that was soundly sleeping on top of him!

Alex slowly open his eyes, and the only thing he could feel was the warmth of Rose body. She was still laying on top of him, with his soft dick still in her hole. For sure, it would be an uncomfortable position for a normal human, but it was no problem for him.

Actually, it felt much better with Rose laying on him, her body was incredibly soft and warm, every part of it without exceptions. Especially, her plump milkers, which were beautifully squeezed against his chest.

'Good morning, or should I said good afternoon. How was your first succubus?~'

Suddenly, Liza's voice rang in his head, as he was enjoying the sensation of Rose's voluptuous body. Unlike both of them, she didn't sleep, especially after absorbing the vast amount of lust from them.

Reasonably, Rose's body released a huge amount, as well as Alex, as he was not any normal human. So both of them having a lot of sex, made a huge boost in her powers.

Of course, Rose wasn't dumb, and she properly absorbed the energy too. She and her queen fiercely battled for it. Obviously, Liza was the winner, still Rose took her share.

'Uhm Good afternoon. First, I would really love to hear how could, Rose, a succubus be a virgin?... I love that, but still it's kinda bothering me. Aren't you guys supposed to be **ing all over the streets'

Going straight to questions. After regaining full functionality of his brain, Alex asked Liza a question, which was bothering him for sometimes.

Indeed, it was very confusing, how could a succubus be a virgin! Alex never in his dreams would actually imagine that a succubus could be a virgin. Of course, succubi are like normal human females, majority born virgins, still they were different from humans.

Since they are basically made just for lust and sex. They should lose their V-Cards quickly as they grow up. Of course, it was normal, as lust was the only way they could get stronger.

'Oh! Yes, you are not into hoes~ Yes, indeed, succubi are creatures you could find **ing openly on the streets, sometimes of course. However, as for us the nobles, and high tiers, it much more different for us'

Not avoided his question, and slowly answering it. She could tell Alex was puzzled because of Rose. She instinctively tried to suck his dick, and later on, he found out she was actually a virgin! A very vulgar virgin, rather a professional. It would be so confusing to anyone, not just for Alex.

'As I already told you before. The monarchy system is the dominant. It is just like we are living your Middle Ages, but a lot modern. So to make things simple, nobles must keep their bloodline pure, also to make sure they stay noble'

'Oh I understand this. I feel stupid asking this, but do you guys stay virgins forever, or there's a specific requirement for the partners?'

'Of course no. We don't stay virgins. However, our first mating is quite special, for us royals, we have to marry royals. For example, in my case I have to marry the king of incubus, which is something I highly didn't want to do. Nevertheless, our marriage wouldn't last forever'

Alex started feeling a confused, also surprised. Turned out, Liza, the queen of succubi, have a marriage arrangement with the king of incubus! That was so shocking, but he kinda something he predicted.e

Before he could tell his opinion on this matter, the queen voice resounded again in his head.

'Uhm, it's really hard to explain, but I will make it short. For me as a succubus queen, I have to marry the king of the Incubus after three years of reign. I just passed my second year before I got kicked out. The king is also just in my age, and just got in the throne. Basically, after we get married, and I give birth to a boy and girl, two children, we get kinda divorced. That's when we both get our freedom, and we both could ** with whoever we want'

Slowly, Alex was understanding what was going on in hell. Seems Liza is paired with the Incubus king, and needed to marry him, as incubus and succubus the same as human females and males.

They are like the normal pair or couple you would find in the royals, especially the queen and the king. As for the others, like other royals and noble, they also get through the same experience, as they had to marry people the same background as them.

That applied for Rose too. Her mother was a succubus, while his father was a cat demon. Both her parents were high tiered and nobles, so Rose had to do the same, and give birth before she gets her freedom.

'Uhm I understand... So you are a virgin too? Will you get married?'

After a few minutes of trying to understand what he was just told. Alex finally asked some very important questions. He kind of felt a little unease with Liza getting married to someone else, and he had no explanation for it.

'I don't really know, probably no, because of the war Lucifer started. Since Rose was kicked out, that meant I'm not the only one that was targeted. Also, the Incubi and the succubi are related, we defend each other. That asshole, the king might have been killed by demons, so I'm not sure about the marriage thing, because I'm no longer the queen too. My younger sister probably already replaced me'

Liza completely ignored Alex's first question, as she somehow felt embarrassed to talk about it, and also she felt his uneasiness more with the second question.

She only answered his second question instead. Kind of making him forget about the virginity thing. Alex wasn't that nosy, either, since he was going to know more sooner or later!

"Hmmm~ Uhhghh~"

Before Alex could continue his conversation with Liza, Rose's cute humming noises echoed in his ears, causing him to switch his attention to her instead. He already had enough chit-chat with Liza, also the time was already getting late for his work.

"Rose, wake up~"

Caressing her bare, smooth back, Alex softly whispered in her ears. She was sleeping, using his shoulder as a pillow. Sleeping soundly.

Rose was also tired, between her newly generating a new physical body, and losing all her powers. Her body, and even soul, couldn't help but need to rest.

"Uhh~ Master Alex~ Hmm~"

With having such a powerful hearing, Rose immediately woke up, after hearing her Master calling her. She opened her emerald green eyes, just to find a flawless face gazing at hers.

She smiled faintly while feeling his warmth, also hearing his steady heartbeats. Her face was placed on the right shoulder, but she could hear his heart slowly beating.

Rose was happy to know he was in such a peaceful state after he had a special time with her. They just met a couple of hours ago, but now he was someone very special! The one who took her virginity, the virginity of a noble succubus!

Alex was kind of worried about the reaction her parents would show when they know about this. However, he didn't ponder over it, and continue cuddling with his woman.

Touching each other, and fondling and caressing eachother's naked bodies slowly, and gently while they gazed at each other's face fondly. It was the best feeling Rose felt ever, even much better than sex itself!

Snuggling in his arms, rubbing her soft cheeks against his chest, and kissing his neck sweetly, while he stroked her smooth back, and kissed her forehead and head. It totally felt so warming.


However, the peaceful cuddle time was suddenly interrupted as both of the cuddling couple heard the door opening sound, and a person footstep slowly creeped towards their room, which had the door open!...

Chapter end

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