I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Our first time [Part 1]

Our first time [Part 1]

After a light sweet kiss, Alex's lips and Alice's parted away, they both opened their eyes and looked affectionately at each other.

They were inside the cleaning staff room, it was filled with only cleaning materials, and large orange couch.

Alice face was beet red, Alex face was quite red too, but not as red as Alice's

After a few seconds of affectionate staring, Alice closed her eyes and raised her chin up for Alex.

Alex placed his lips against Alice's lips again, but this time it was more passionately than the first kiss.

They kissed passionately without caring about anything else.

Maybe time stopped when his lips met hers, but the flutter only intensified. Alice's heart pounded in her chest as her knees got weaker. She could only focus on how soft he felt against her mouth, how additively he invaded all her senses.

Alex hugged Alice from her small waist and closed her to his body.

Alice's lips were warm and soft. They parted slightly, allowing Alex's tongue to slip inside.

Their tongues tangled and went to war in their locked mouths, battling madly for dominance.

Her whole body tingled, the feel of his frame leaning on hers as his arms wrapped around her butt felt nearly forbidden.

His hands immediately sank in her soft rounded ass and started foundling her juicy ass.

Alice was a little surprised and embarrassed because Alex was holding and foundling her ass, but she didn't dislike it, his hands made her feel so good.

Their bodies pressed together more heatedly against the locked door, breathing heavily as their lips pressed together, and their tongues battled with each other. They could taste their shared breath, feel the thud of their combined heartbeat as Alex fumbled to take off Alice's clothes.

It was both of them first kiss, and no words can describe how amazing it was, despite they were beginners and virgins

Alex started by taking off Alice's white blouse, he unbuttoned it, slowly Alice's blue bra appeared, he took off her blouse and throw it at the orange couch.

Then he went down, unzipped her blue skirt, but it didn't fall down, because Alice juicy and rounded ass was in the way, Alex gave it a little pull, and it fell.

Alice was only in her underwear, wearing only a blue bra, and blue panties, she looked so attractive and sexy, embarrassment was in its peak for Alice, she helplessly tried to cover her body sensitive parts with her hands.

Alex couldn't hold himself anymore, and he also took off his hoodie and his black pants, he was only in his underwear too.

Then, he walked closer to her, wrapped his arms around her waist and started kissing her.

Alice accepted his kiss and also wrapped her small hands around his neck.

Alice's lips were sweet as honey, Alex couldn't get enough from kissing her.

Alex could feel the warmth of Alice's mouth, feeling her drinking his saliva thirstily, while trying to defend back.

After a few minutes of hot passionate kissing, their lips parted away.

"I want to do it…" Alex whispered in Alice's ear with a soft voice while breathing heavily.

Alice face became redder than before, but she calmed herself a little and then nodded her head in agreement.

Her answer did not satisfy Alex, he wanted her to say it.

"What do you want? Say it" Alex whispered in her ear again.

"I–I wan–t to do it with y–you" Alice said in a shaking, embarrassed voice.

Alex looked into Alice's eyes and realized she truly desperately needed love. He carried her like a princess and walked towards the couch.

He placed her slowly on the soft green couch, Alice so light, he felt like he was carrying a feather.

Alice looked into Alex's eyes with teary eyes and a flushed face.

The next second, Alex had stripped Alice from her remaining clothes. She was completely naked.

"You are so beautiful" Alex exclaimed as he observed Alice's body.

Alex looked at Alice's smooth pale boy, her soft medium-size bouncy breasts, and her pink wet pussy.

Alice was currently naked and Alex was looking at her body without blinking, which was embarrassing for her.

She covered her breasts and pussy with her hands and averted her gaze to avoid eye contact with Alex.

Alex grabbed Alice's hands and said in a soft, calm voice.

"Hey, look at me,"

Alice finally looked at Alex and made eye contact with him.

"Is my body good enough for you?" Alice asked hesitantly.

"You're gorgeous, I'm having a hard time believing I'm about to have sex with you…" Alex said with a sweet smile and kiss her hand.

Alex looked calm and relaxed outside, but truly he was having a hard time trying to keep his cool.

Alice pink cave was already wet and ready to take Alex's big brother in, but Alex didn't mind doing some foreplay before he put it in.

Suddenly, Alex lowered his head to Alice's crotch and took her by surprise.

He licked from the lower end until the upper end of her pussy like he was licking an ice cream.

"Aah …. Oooh…" Alice moaned as Alex licked her sensitive area.

Alex raised her legs above his shoulders and held them there with his hands, he got a good view of both Alice's pussy and butt hole. Even her butt hole was pink like her pussy, it looked so delicious too, but he only focused on her pussy now.

His tongue attacked her pussy again with his tongue and made her moan by this heavenly pleasure.

"Aghhh....ahh...it f-feels s-so good!..." Alice announced with a lewd pleased expression.

He ravaged her pussy lips with his tongue, and sucked her clitoris roughly with his lips, she was moaning nonstop.

Then, Alice grasped at the couch armrest behind her head with both hands, and raised her hips from pleasure, Alex felt more fluid was coming off her pussy.

Alice couldn't hold it anymore and cummed from the unbelievable pleasure he gave her.

Her whole body was trembling as she breathed heavily.

Alex let go of Alice's legs and raised his head back, his nose, cheeks, corners of his mouth, chin and almost every part of Alex's face was wet by Alice's love nectar.

He was surprised by how good he was, he was still a virgin, but somehow he knew everything he needed to do, probably because a succubus queen was residing in his body.

"A–Alex, I–I want more..." Alice said in a shaking voice as she looked at him with a lovely gaze.

Alex noticed that the innocent cute Alice was getting slowly replaced with a bold and lewd Alice, however, he leaned to her and placed a kiss on her lips. Their bodies pressed against each, Alex could feel her hard pink nipples on his chest.

Their bodies were so hot and almost burning out of lust.

Liza was feeling a lot of power coming back to her, as a succubus, lust was the main source of her power.

After kissing seconds, Alex leaned back, took off his black underwear, his big brother was so hard and about to explode, Alice was wet enough and ready to take his giant cock, he took off his dick and placed it on the top of Alice's belly, his cock reached past her belly button.

Feeling some big and hot placed on her belly, Alice had to look,

"....!!" Alice's eyes opened widely when she saw Alex's manhood.

"I–It's so b–big!! I–I don't t–think it's will f–fit inside m–me!" Alice added with a surprised expression.

Even though Alice was craving for it, but she was still a virgin, and she was afraid of feeling a lot pain, she always heard that first time hurts alot.

'Assure her that she won't feel a lot of pain, she will feel it at first, but it's will turn into pleasure in no time, don't worry, you have a succubus's support' Liza took the worry out of Alex's mind.

"Don't worry, it will fit, and I promise it will feel good for both of us" Alex declared with a calm voice and tried to calm her down.

Alice felt more relaxed and safe by Alex's words, then nodded her head.

Alex then took his cock, rubbed the entrance of Alice's cave with the glans, slowly preparing both of them for the next action!

'Put your hand on her belly and caress it, with [Touch of Pleasure] activated, the pain will disappear quickly' Liza guided.

Alex did as she said, he placed his left hand on her stomach, and with [Touch pf pleasure] activated, Alice felt a lot of pleasure on her stomach area, that pleasure made her less intense.

After feeling that Alice was calm and ready, Alex proceeded by putting his whole glans in.

Alex looked at Alice's face, she looked more calm now, after sensing his gaze, Alice looked at him, and nodded with teary eyes.

After a couple of seconds, Alex rammed only half of his cock inside of her unexplored cave, but it was enough to pop her cherry.

Chapter end

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