Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 116: Fenrir Greyback

Chapter 116: Fenrir Greyback

Damn, you dare to attack me. I so want to tear your throats off, they look so tasty! The boy can make for a nice supper, and the girl can be the sweet dessert!

He raised his filthy hand to wipe the bloodstain off his forehead. He then stuck out his tongue and licked the blood off of the back of his hand, slowly, gently, disgustingly. His face showed that he was still craving more.

Seeing that, Hermiones little face turned pale.

She hurriedly pulled out her wand and approached Evan.

Go away, this isnt where you should be. The Aurors and the Dementors are nearby Evans wand was still pointed at his opponent, and its tip emitted a faint glow.

Before they rush over, I would be long gone! The man scratched his teeth with his yellow fingernails and smiled grimly. You two are just too unlucky. I thought it would take me much longer to find my prey. Ever since I received the letter from him, my companions, those cowards, all went to the Muggle streets. Only I came to Hogsmeade, because I know that a young wizards blood is far more mesmerizing than that of a little Muggle.

Just as he finished his words, a sharp voice was heard. It was that of a man with a black mask that appeared beside him.

Hurry up Greyback! You only have one minute. I took the risk and promised to come all the way here with you just for Galleons, not to listen to your nonsense. Hogwarts is not too far from here and I dont want to provoke Dumbledore. He looked disdainfully at Evan and Hermione, and said in an anxious, sharp voice. As for these two, take a bite off each of them, and remember to keep them alive. Along with the Muggles that the others prepared, they should make him satisfied.

A bite off each of them? That doesnt sound very pleasant.

Evans body was stiff, and his mind was fully focused. The conversation between the two reminded him of someone. That, along with the mans appearance made him almost sure of his identity.

Hes Fenrir Greyback, the werewolf that transformed professor Lupin.

As everyone knows, he is, perhaps, the most savage werewolf alive today. He regards it as his mission in life to bite and to contaminate as many people as possible.

He specialises in children Bite them young, he says, and raise them away from their parents, raise them to hate normal wizards. Thus, they would spread fear and despair themselves. Because of his long-term consumption of human flesh and blood, he always wanted to eat that, even when it wasnt a full moon.

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Greyback was Voldemorts most loyal supporter. During the first Wizarding War, he was one of the most deterrent weapons that the Dark Lord had on his side.

Voldemort assigned him to bite those who did not obey him, and such threats often worked.

After Voldemorts fall, Greyback was lucky enough to escape and not be captured in Azkaban. However, because of the Aurors pursuit, he also hid himself and rarely made any public appearance. Many wizards had even hoped that he actually died.

Obviously, their expectations were completely wrong.

Evan did not know how Greyback suddenly appeared here in Hogsmeade, and unluckily in his and Hermiones way.

First, it was Sirius Black, and now its Greyback. This years Hogsmeade has been really busy! They are the most dangerous fugitives pursued by the Ministry of Magic. Fudge certainly would send over another 500 Dementors if ever he knew about all of this.

Moreover, after listening to the man with a black mask next to Greyback, Evan knew that they were clearly plotting something. Does this have anything to do with Voldemort?!

Evan looked at Greyback with vigilance. Although curious, he knew very well that it was not time to study such a man.

No matter what they were plotting, the most critical thing now is to protect Hermione.

This guy is a werewolf, you go! Evan kept Hermione behind him. Ill hold them off and you go find a professor to help!

Hermione shook her head, although her eyes were full of tears, they were also unwavering.

She did not speak, took her wand and took a step forward, standing in line with Evan, showing her determination to stand by him.

Seeing Hermiones determination, Evan sighed as he knew that no matter what he would say, she could never leave him alone and run away. Just as it was impossible for him to abandon Hermione, it was out of question for her as well, there was no other way to do this but for them both to hold their ground.

So be it. On the count of three, we attack together! Evan whispered. Make sure that you protect yourself, and remember that if all goes wrong, you should run.

Just as Evan finished talking to Hermione, they both heard the man with the black mask talking anxiously.

Hurry up, Greyback. We dont have time!

Shut up, coward! growled Greyback. Dont push me around. You just came to help

Halfway through his words, he stopped talking.

He saw a red light coming his way, and he hurried to his right to evade Hermiones spell.

Just as he wanted to take a breath, Evans spell followed.

He fell to the ground to dodge Evans spell, but in vain. He was too careless. Evans spell had a tricky pathing. He rolled on the ground, but his right leg was eventually hit.

Evan knew that Greybacks body was very resistant to magic. He didnt use Stupefy. This time, he used Petrificus Totalus

Under its effect, Greybacks body turned blue-gray in the blink of an eye, and it became as stiff as a wooden board.

Damn it! Im going to kill you! Greyback screamed, struggled to stand up, and then quickly fell to the ground.

Thats enough, you stupid werewolf! The man with the black mask hurriedly took out his wand. I must have been out of my mind! I only came with you here for Galleons.

As he said that, he cast a few spells that were sent towards Evan and Hermione.

The rays emitted by his wand were all green, like fireflies. Needless to say, they were all curses, and the two hurried to dodge them.

The masked man took the opportunity to rush over to Greyback wanting to undo the spell.

But Evan did not give him the chance to do so; he hurriedly cast a spell towards him.

He evaded it and attacked the two.

Both sides were launching spells and it was an all out battle.

Although he was stronger than Evan and Hermione, the masked man was struggling to deal with them. And with their joined effort, they were both struggling to cope with him.

After a while, it was impossible to determine who was to win the battle, and the masked man wasnt getting any chance to undo Evans spell.

Over time, he looked very anxious as the situation became more and more unfavorable to him. He screamed anxiously, and that obviously affected his focus, and his following spells flew over Evan and Hermione.

Although it was very exhausting, the two of them clung to their teeth. If they persist for a few more minutes, recue should arrive eventually.

As the battle went on, it seemed that they might actually be able to capture their two enemies.

Just as Evan thought that the victory was at hand, the situation suddenly turned.

Chapter end

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