Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 75 First Encounter with Dementors

Chapter 75 First Encounter with Dementors

Ivan ran back into his room at full speed, he made sure to remember to be careful with his animagus form from now on, he must not let Hermione find out it was him or the only thing waiting for him would be death.

There was a noise coming from the room next door, Percy was looking for his head boy badge. He suspected that Ron had hidden it, When Ivan went upstairs earlier he saw that Fred and George took Percys badge and changed it from head boy to bighead boy.

He rolled over and gazed at the dimly lit ceiling, his thoughts soon drifted further and further away.

The next morning, Ivan awoke and went downstairs to eat breakfast, everyone else was already up. Mr. Weasley was there reading the Daily Prophet while frowning and Mrs. Weasley and Ginny were talking.

Ivan walked up to his seat and heard Hermione talking to old Tom about the cat, he turned his head and acted like he knew nothing.

On his left was Ron angrily talking about Percy with Harry.

The sooner we get on the train, the better! At least at Hogwarts, I dont have to be around Percy all the time, said Ron, He was accusing me of dropping tea on a picture of his girlfriend, Penelope.

Harry tried to persuade Ron to calm down while Fred and George who sat opposite of them were delighted, they giggled and congratulated Ron for successfully making Percy angry.

The laughter of the two made Percy even more furious, he looked at them angrily, he then quickly ate his breakfast and took his belongings out of the bar.

Then there was chaos, everyone was rushing to the ministrys car. Ivan saw Mr. Weasly call Harry to the corner and after a minute Harry came out with an ashen face.

Hermione was still looking for the black cat from last night, Ivan hurried to help her with her luggage, Crookshanks was in a little wicker basket noisily meowing.

After hearing Crookshanks cry, Ron unconsciously held Scabbers tightly.

The journey to kings cross was safe, they arrived at the station twenty minutes early. The Ministry driver helped them find a trolly to push their luggage.

Everyone went through the wall of platform nine and three quarters, this is Ivans first time here, he was curious to see what it looked like. The platform was full of children, on the rack was an old-fashioned scarlet steam locomotive bowling smoke.

They went to the train, Mr. Weasley helped them load there luggage.

They said goodbye to the Weasley couple and Mrs. Weasley kissed every child goodbye, Mr. Weasley was still whispering to Harry.

Harry face looked confused and uneasy when the train started Harry whispered to Ron and Hermione, I need to talk to you in private!

Go away, Ginny! Said, Ron, while waving her away.

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Fine, said Ginny proudly while walking away, Ivan froze for a moment and followed.

Ivan, you dont have to.

You guys talk first, I have a few things to do, Ill be back soon.

Ivan didnt pause for a second, he knows what Harry was going to say but he had his own plans. If he was going to be easy to solve this years series of events, Peter Pettigrew is much easier to deal with than Tom.

He followed Ginny to a compartment near the end. Colin and Neville were sitting in it, the two of them went in and greeted them.

Colin excitedly told them about his summer vacation in the countryside, the Hogwarts Express steadily went forward, the scenery outside the window became more and more rustic but it also became darker.

Knowing that Ivan was sitting here, people constantly came by and greeted him.

Most of them were readers of the Hogwarts Magic newspaper. It didnt take long before Luna came over and stuffed a quibbler into Ivans hand, she told him it was the latest article about Snorlax.

Although Ivan has repeatedly told Luna he isnt interested in Snorlax or anything like that, Luna still gives him each issue of the Quibbler.

The sky outside was getting darker, it was starting to rain, the windows were fogging.

The door was soon opened, in came three unwelcomed guests, Malfoy came in followed by his two minions Goyle and Crabbe.

As if they had just visited Harrys compartment, Malfoy said in a long slow tone, Mudblood why arent you sitting with Potter?

None of your business! said Ivan softly, Neville, Colin, and Ginny nervously raised their heads.

Potter has abandoned you, he must have become fed up with you and your stupid newspaper. after Malfoy finished Crabbe and Goyle laughed.

Go away, you are not welcome here! shouted Ginny.

Did you hear Ginny? Ivan pulled out his wand and narrowed his eyes and said, Or do you want me to experiment with a few new spells.

Pay attention to your tone mudblood or you..

He was interrupted when Harry, Ron, and Hermione came.

Fuck off, Malfoy! shouted Ron when he came in, We do not have time to listen to your nonsense.

Malfoy hesitated, he was now outnumbered, he involuntarily stepped back.

Just then the train abruptly stopped.

All the lights went out, they were thrown into utter darkness.

Damn it, what happened?

Ivan heard Malfoy scream, there was constant movement of people outside.

Lumos! whispered Ivan, a light appeared on the tip of his wand.

The compartment temperature dropped more and more, it dropped until it felt like the artic.

There was a strange noise outside, something was approaching. Malfoy, Goyle, and Crabbe hurried back into to the compartment.

The door slowly opened, Ivan felt Hermione who was standing beside himself, hold his arm tightly, her body slightly trembled.

He patted Hermione on the should, which gave the girl a little reassurance.

The door was completely opened, standing in the doorway, illuminated by the lighting charm of Ivan was a creature cloaked in black and as tall as the ceiling.

His face was completely hidden under the hood, a hand stretched out from the cloak, the hand was gray, thin and filled with scabs, it was like something dead had rotted in water.

The creature under the cloak seemed to fell the gazes of the several people. The thing under the hood took a long slow breath, it was as if it was trying to suck something out of the air.

Several children in the compartment screamed, their voices seemed very depressing.

Ivan tightened his grip on his wand, Dementors!

Chapter end

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