Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 58 The Founder’s Dispute

Chapter 58 The Founder’s Dispute

Salazar Slytherin grabbed Ivans shoulder, though there was thick clothing separating them Ivan still felt cold, the others hands were as cold as ice. In a moment they apparated.

Ivan felt a strong stretching force, it was as if he was being pulled through a hole as small as a pea. He was stretched in all directions, his chest felt like a thousand pounds was on it.

His eyeballs were stretched into the back of his head, his eardrums were pressed deep into his skull.

Ivan was spinning, it was dark, he couldnt breathe, and it was like every part of his body was being stretched to its limit. Just as he thought he was going to suffocate they arrived in a room, he breathed in the fresh air.

This should be the headmasters office, the decorations were very elegant, thick draperies hung by two sets of silver armor, exquisite murals were painted on the walls, the floor had a decorative pattern carved into it, in the center of the room was four tables.

Salazar, Im glad to see you, I thought you would be shut in the basement for a week so you could brew your new potion. said a young woman with short brown hair.

She seemed to be full of vigor, she was surrounded by papers and a glittering gold cup in front of her, the glass contained a bluish black drink.

I was but this mud blood appeared, Helga!

Salzar grunted while pushing Ivan forward, Keep an eye on him while I go find Godrick and Rowena.

Salazar soon disappeared, only Ivan and Helga was left.

Ivan seemed overly formal while Helga was looking at him.

Take it easy, kid! said Helga as she smiled, Dont let it get to you, Salazar may seem fierce on the outside but he is a good person at heart, he is just bad at expressing himself.

She snapped her fingers and a house elf soon appeared in the room.

Toto, give this gentleman some of my homemade snacks. whispered Helga, she then turned her head and looked at Ivan, Right, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Helga Hufflepuff, Whats your name?

Hello, my name is Ivan Mason. Ivan tasted the cake the House-elf brought over, he didnt know what it was but it tasted sweet.

A muggle-born wizard, that a rarity. You know Muggles have a deep prejudice against wizards, they seem more interested in tying us to a stake and burning us. said Helga, I havent seen a young muggle-born wizard for many years, Ivan can you tell me who your teacher is?

In fact, I am also a student at Hogwarts. Ivan quickly summarized what had happened.

So you came from Hogwarts a thousand years in the future? said Helga, the expression on her face was a shocked one, Ivan gave her the time turner and she studied it for a while before sitting it on the table, Im not proficient in time magic, this is more of Rowenas field but it looks like it can take you back to a period where you didnt exist, the power of this time turner must be immense.

It can be seen that Hufflepuff is interested in the Hogwarts that he came from.

She asked Ivan quite a few question about her house and from the look on her face, she seemed to be very satisfied with its performance.

The sorting hat is doing well, it is sorting people into my house with similar philosophies, said Helga, The other three are all the same, they ignore the innate qualities, they dont nurture those qualities so the young wizards cant grow in the right way which is a very dangerous thing,

I think aptitude is the wisest choice! said a hoarse, ethereal female voice.

Her voice had just fallen and three figures appeared before Ivan.

Standing on the left side was Slytherin and next to him was Rowena Ravenclaw, she had a slender figure, with waist long hair and pale blue eyes full of wisdom, wearing a crown with a glittering gem, which made her seem mysterious.

On the right was Godrick Gryffindor, he was tall, handsome, his hair was fiery red, with a thin scar on his left eye which made him look a bit rugged.

Rowena apparently heard what Helga said just now, Rowena continued with a hoarse voice, You are too kind we have to be cautious when we select a young wizard to teach, we have to carefully choose the student.

She then noticed the time turner on the table, she looked interested when she looked down.

But the topic is still going.

Look at what Hogwarts has fallen to after a millennium, they let mud bloods into the school, said Salazar while scornfully glancing at Ivan.

Choose your words wisely, Salazar, this child is from my house. said Godrick, Face reality, many muggle-born children have excellent magical talent and their heart is good. In contrast, those who inherit their pureblood status for a long time often turn to dark wizards, they bully muggles and kill muggles for joy. If this situation continues, the wizarding world will struggle to survive.

I have told you countless times, Godrick! Salazar slowly said, I am writing a letter to the Ministry of magic to set up a prison to imprison the dark wizards! But we must maintain, the purity of the wizarding bloodlines, those muggles arent reliable, they just want to burn us at the stake and you still want to accept such people as students.

Thats because they dont have the knowledge that wizards have so the wizarding world creates fear. We need to guide the young wizards that have magical gifts so we can give them the right ideals.

That is an idiotic idea, you want to help them destroy us, Said Salazar in a cold voice.

You and your stubborn prejudices, the times are different and if you continue to think like this Hogwarts will sooner or later become the school to cultivate dark wizards. Godrick put his hand on his sword.

As long as Im here, the dark wizards will never step into Hogwarts! said Salazar as he pulled out his wand, the temperature in the room dropped, But I will only choose the most pureblood wizards because they are the most trustworthy.

Helga and Rowena have decided to enroll Muggle-born students this year, said Godrick, We have made a magical object that can pinpoint all children who are eleven years of age and have magical abilities,

To enroll Muggle students in the school without my consent, do you dare to do so? Salazar looked shocked and snapped, This is my fathers castle!

This is also the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, shouted Godrick loudly, Go back to your basement with your stubbornness and prejudice.

Godrick then drew his sword.

Do you want it to be a real mans duel to determine the future of Hogwarts?

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That is my intention, let me see..

Enough, you two! , Helga stopped the both of them, You discuss these things in front of a guest, that is very impolite. Especially since our little guest came from the future, perhaps you should listen to what he has to say about Hogwarts after a thousand years.

After Rowena finished talking, the room calmed, Gryffindor and Slytherin turned their heads and looked at Ivan.

Ravenclaw who has been looking at the time turner also raised her head and stared silently at him.

Chapter end

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