Beastmaster of the Ages – Chapter 64 - A Fifteen-Year-Old Girl Genius!

Chapter 64 - A Fifteen-Year-Old Girl Genius!

Execute my lifebound beast? Thats ok, I have backups! Li Tianming smiled.

"Wow, Li Tianming, and I took you as a brother! The little chick nearly fell off his shoulder from the shock.

Lifebound beasts are like brothers and sisters to me. Yet, you can actually utter such words. Whoever becomes your lifebound beast is unlucky through and through! Lin Xiaoxiaos face turned even redder in her anger.

What can I do? I can only blame my charm for making so many lifebound beasts line up to follow me!

You really are incorrigible. Ive never met someone as shameless as you before! Lin Xiaoxiao returned fire.

Thats just because you lack social skills. If not, you would know that the world is just filled with shameless people. Who knows, one of them might even be right next to you?

Acting mysterious! Lin Xiaoxiao looked anyway, but only Mu Qingqing was next to her now, which only served to infuriate her further.

Enough, enough! Begin the fight! Wei Zikun was forced to step in as the argument heated up. This was the fight to become the prime disciple, not to resolve their personal grudges. Their argument would never end, so they might as well cross blades to decide who was right.

Ive been waiting for this. Lin Xiaoxiao gritted her teeth. However, due to her youth, her red face and gritted teeth gave her an adorable look instead.

Lin Xiaoxiao nodded to Mu Qingqing, reassuring her that she would definitely teach Li Tianming a lesson.

She jumped onto the largest stage and jabbed a finger at Li Tianming. The lesson I teach you today will be a very painful one.

Li Tianmings mouth twitched. How scary. Youre so shrew-like at such a young age. What kind of childhood did you have?

Lin Xiaoxiaos anger turned into a frigid chill, and she stopped speaking. Martial might would do it for her.

She had been evaluated to have 950 points after a few random battles, just shy of a perfect score on the rating system. She definitely wasnt one to underestimate.

When they both stepped onto the stage, the long-awaited battle would start.

Who would be the prime disciple would be decided soon!

To Li Tianming, Mu Qingqing being so close to watch was just perfect. He still didnt have the chance to make her pay, but at least he could make her see clearly from nearby, and tell her that not killing him three years ago was her greatest mistake.

Only Li Tianming could see in her eyes the absolute contempt she had for him.

Perhaps, in her heart, she regarded twin beastmasters as unrivaled, and both Lin siblings fell in that category. Furthermore, the fifteen year old Lin Xiaoxiao was more worthy to be the prime disciple than the disciple who was nearly overaged.

As Li Tianming glanced at Mu Qingqing, Lin Xiaoxiaos two lifebound beasts appeared.

The violent Vajra Berserk Ape appeared by her side, the juxtaposition of a little pretty girl and a huge beast creating quite the visual impact.

The Tri-Coloured Darkthunder Bird fluttered above her, its eyes locked onto the little chick, killing intent concealed within them. It was the animosity between avian lifebound beasts.

Twin beastmasters really are the darlings of fate!

Lin Xiaoxiao really is a cut above her peers. Li Shufan didnt even get to resist earlier on.

It was the same with Lin Xiaoting four years ago. Who can stand up to two lifebound beasts? Those siblings are incredible.

I foresee a bright future for the Lightning Manor in the coming decades.

Many top powerhouses gave Lin Xiaoxiao high evaluations.

In terms of performance, she was actually better than Lin Xiaoting in the past. As long as she defeated Li Tianming, the overaged disciple, what followed would be the brilliant prospects of Heavens Sanctum!

With both lifebound beasts now out, Li Tianming and the little chick just looked inferior from every angle. Twin beastmasters had incredible advantages numerical superiority and double beast ki, something Li Tianming lacked.

Lin Xiaoxiao, who had entered a combat state, no longer seemed like a young girl but a hardened veteran. Her path here was paved with bodies and violence, the difference between Chen Yao and her. Lightning Manor prized the martial spirit, and even the Lightning Seigneurs granddaughter had to grow through battle.

The Vajra Berserk Ape roared, stomping its foot three times before charging at Li Tianming in a golden blur.

The high-tier lightning and berserker-type lifebound beast was the primary combat force on Lin Xiaoxiaos side. However, that didnt mean the Tri-Coloured Darkthunder Bird could be ignored either. The threat of it swooping down to deliver a mortal blow existed at any moment.

The might of these two beasts gave everyone certain expectations. Whether it was ability or talent, the fifteen year old genius Lin Xiaoxiao was indeed more suitable to bear the title of prime disciple than Li Tianming and represent the institute.

As the ape entered battle, its figure swelled up and its power increased. Exceptional melee combat skills was a characteristic of berserk-type beasts. And yet, it was actually Lin Xiaoxiao who presented the most danger right now, because two grade four beastial weapons had appeared in her hands.

One was a golden bow with lightning snaking around it, the other a purple arrow. People in the know would recognise them as the Roaring Thunder Bow and Luminous Lightning Arrow.

The bow would use yang-type lightning to unleash explosive power, while the arrow infused the arrows with the power of yin-type lightning. The mutual augmentation of yin and yang granted great power. Like lightning, the Luminous Lightning Arrow could pierce an unlucky victims heart in a single instant, only to be recovered by the bow moments later.

Lin Xiaoxiao immediately notched the arrow before pulling it to a full draw.

Everyone knew Li Tianming was finished. Li Shufan had lost this way too, to an arrow that had lodged itself in his thigh. If she was aiming for a mortal blow, Li Tianming likely couldnt avoid it.

Brother, scared? Li Tianming asked the little chick conversationally.

Scared? Psshhhawww, I was born to fight one on two! Ying Huo said disdainfully.

Big talk. Li Tianming raised an eyebrow.

It was at that moment the ape finally arrived, its sharp claws aimed at Li Tianmings face. The bird chose this moment to dive down as well, but a streak of purple was the first to close the distance.

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Before the twang of the bow could arrive, the arrow itself had already arrived at Li Tianmings chest!

Chapter end

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